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Join Date: 05 May 2009
Location: Illinois, USA
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My name is KateC & I am a card addict.

I will say (in my own defense) that the good think about having an embarressment of cards is that I can always give s deck away to someone who needs a deck -- I have done this twice this month.

Best Wishes,

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student of tarot
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student of tarot

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Originally Posted by morticia monroe
the first one I grabbed, an engine block, specially designed by Billet,,$15,000. Yeah, that's no typo. $15,000.
Can you imagine what a $15,000 tarot shopping spree would be like? (drool....) I don't think I'd be able to spend it all in a week, or even a month, even with shopping online. Oh, but how I'd love to try....
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Originally Posted by Onyx
Now I am beginning to think that it might be a good thing to start using some restraint in the amount of decks I buy but I don't even know how to begin.

Originally Posted by morticia monroe
He'd better be damned glad I don't collect diamond rings.
That's my usual response too!
Maybe it would make a good "shock-therapy" for our dearest&nearest if we indeed switched to collecting diamonds for a while (even if "affordable" ones ) and than went back to collecting decks!
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OK, gotta add here! AAAA deck?? I love it.

I have had more than one <husband, car, shoe, cat, address, job, Tarot deck> in my life because the one(s) I have now work for me and the one(s) I used to have don't. I love my husband (definitely Mr Right) and my cats and my dog. I like my car but I'm thinking about getting a new one.

Just last week I had a reading where I used one deck for relationships and another for career stuff because that's what worked that day. And my 100+ other decks I have to read, study, meditate and learn with.
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My other half has commented once or twice, but mainly he's happy if I'm happy - the downside of that is that he's terribly enabling. If he does mention the numbers I say 'well, Gregory on the Tarot Forum...' Occasionally he's interested in the art.

Also, he has three guitars (4 if you count the one he's lent to his brother), and many games consoles. We keep saying how nice it would be to have less clutter, but I can't see it happening anytime soon
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Oversized hobbit
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Oversized hobbit

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Clutter. Yep. Been there. Still am.

$15,000 would buy my husband the new teeth he needs!!! :shock:

Fortunately, hubby understands collecting. And he sometimes is too much of an enabler: "If it makes you happy, get it." Sometimes exasperatedly, but that's when he thinks I'm being too wishy-washy and depending too much on his opinion. (He says--and I agree--there are women who'd kill to have a mate like that! )

But the budget is tight. I haven't even ordered the Anna K yet!! And I started drooling over it in December!!
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Originally Posted by rwcarter
Can you imagine what a $15,000 tarot shopping spree would be like? (drool....)
I.... I think I need to me alone with myself for a few.

Because of this thread I asked my husband what he thinks of my collection (a mere 37 decks) and he said, "Have we ever gone hungry because you bought one? (Nope) Does it make you happy? (Yup) Then I think it's wonderful. How many other men get to have a happy wife just by nodding and smiling when they do something incomprehensible?"

He uses runes... has one set. Can't imagine needing another.
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Le Fanu 

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Originally Posted by Onyx
I told myself that 50 was my limit. Then it was 75, now it is 100. But that may be changed to a rotating 100
I remember when my limit was 50 (*wistful sigh*). I genuinely thought there were no more than 50 that I actually liked. Until I looked harder.

My partner is always supportive of my interest, even with all the new decks which keep arriving. I love the way he tells friends proudly at dinner parties "O he has one of the biggest tarot collections in the world".

I think he genuinely thinks I do! (even though Ive told him about gregory!)

And Mr Kaplan.
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Ah, tarot collecting is strange?

But I find hard to understand some of the other types of collections that are more common:

Yet another model car?

To me all Playboy Magazines are more of the same, can't understand why anyone would "want" more than one .

Or collecting those series plates they used to advertise (maybe still do, I got rid of my TV years ago), with the different pictures on each one....

Bicentennial quarters or wheat pennies. All the same thing, why do we need another?

There's more variation in tarot decks than there is in romance novels (having been the person to have to accession and deaccession those for our local library for a time, believe me, I know more than I ever cared to about the sameness of most romance novels).

Do you really need another container for your bottle cap collection?

Why in the world would you ever need so many beads and buttons if you're never going to use them (raises hand guiltily on this one....)?
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morticia monroe 

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I'm loving ALL these responses.

In my man's defense, he only questions it because he just doesn't get it. But for the most part he has never denied me anything,,,like many of you with wonderful partners, if it makes ME happy, it makes HIM happy.

The hard part for me is that at least ONE of us has to be financially responsible....he has come in before and seen me oogling a Greenwood, VR Gold, etc and will say "If you want it, buy it." And I say,, "Babe, that deck is $400!" His answer "So what?" The he always says "I dare you to buy it!"

But I am the one who sits and frets..."I can't possibly! How will we pay the bills? What if you get hurt and can't work? What if the moon explodes?"
LOL. But if we were both spenders of his calibre, we'd be surely and rightly screwed. I try to be a good girl.

And yes, the best defense is ALWAYS Gregory's collection.

A $15,000 tarot shopping's too good for even a fantasy.
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