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"Do not tell" cards

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JadoreHauteCouture  JadoreHauteCouture is offline
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"Do not tell" cards

well, since this search engine is not the best i just went ahead.
What are your do not tell cards?
You know everytime you read, you can pretty much tell whether other person believes you or not. You also see whether they will listen to your advice, whether they lost touch with reality, whether they have... lets say darker sides... you know.
you see the problems and how to solve them but sometimes its not good to tell, cuz they wouldnt listen, they are not ready, it would mess up their lives, they would think youre crazy, it would hurt someone else and so on... I know many readers who have do not tell cards. When they get them in readings, they are like.... hmm, blah blah commenting it without saying anything (any advice) cuz they are not supposed to, or they are just quiet and ask you "what do you wanna know" leaving you speechless cuz its the thin ice...
For instance, I know this lady and she uses 1 deck for 1 reading session (not putting cards back) and when she gets X - Wheel, she immediately stops reading, even though it could be pulled as a first card.
What about you?

edit by JHC: i moved one of my comments to this first post so that they are together... people tend to reply to this first comment only so i enclose my other reply to portray better picture.
First of all, combination of cards is also an option. Im not limiting it to only one card since it was said before that this particular could pretty much become useless in readings.

Secondly, yes. I mentioned this lady who just stops the entire reading, but i consider the option when you do not answer certain question and then go on with the reading. I also agree that stopping the reading is quite radical solution.

Thirdly, I think i could illustrate the situation better. I know about 20 tarot readers in my area and at least 5 of them have these cards or card combos that I know of. Although there are some people who are coming to you with good intentions. There are some that just wanna try this "voodoo". In my country (im not from Czech Republic originally), some people are.... lets say it nicely... vengeful... If you tell them someone did something to them (even though it was querents fault), they are still willing to either go to that person anyway, cause the biggest scene ever and burn the bridges, or curse the other person (I mean with spell, like witchcraft, which is serious). This sounds bad but there are some psychos like that here and u never know who comes to you for a reading.
Some questions are also invading others peoples privacy or are revealing things querent should find out from different source.. maybe like being cheated by partner and so on, depends on spread.
Some people are cool when u give them good advice, they will listen to it. But then you have these people that you can tell them very good spread but they will turn it around 180 degrees cuz its not what they wanted to listen. And then it can make them go into depression or non-doing cuz things are not going their way (even though they had good cards) or getting lazy when they will think spread is too good...
Here, at AT we are working on ourselves and we take the both positive and negative message. but in real life, you dont always have querents like this. some people may come to you just to find out about others people privacy and then use it against them. or they do not seek any help or any advice at all...
Also when you get person with depression, mentally unstable or even mentally ill, you can tell them stuff but you never know how they will interpret it.
Lastly, im also thinking about this in association with your karma. I knew this lady... She got into numerology by accident and basically within year or two she got obssessed with it doing thousands and thousands names and date of birth numerologies being very progressive. She started to find out what numbers and their combinations are causing what sicknesses, life paths and so on. She got so good and precise. She was a teacher so she had an access to many student names and dates of birth so she could practise endlessly and basically see the answer immediately. However, then she started approaching people and their parents about numerology and changing the name cuz it might improve their bad fate. Some people did, some people didnt. However, since then strange things and misfortunes started to happen. She got ran over the car, She got attacked and so on. When things got crazy and she ended in hospital, she stopped "helping" people but only gave advice when someone asked her explaining that she realized she was overstepping the line even though she had only good intentions. Everybody has their karma and even though it might be horrible, the help from outside could only worse things since person is not willing to listen. that person has to decide itself when they wanna do something about themselves.. In case of tarot, you get querents but they just wanna check tarot readings out and might not be looking for any spiritual growth or advice.. they simply wanna know the future... So its kinda complicated what to say. Especially if they are not spiritually oriented, they could get confused and misinterpret the message.

2Morwenna - no, im not talking about the difficult cards.. Reading has to be objective... Leaving cards with negative message to make reading positive is not any helpful in case they have serious advice for someone who is seeking help.
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MaineGirl117  MaineGirl117 is offline
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Never heard of this. Every card plays an important role in the deck, and I would loath to assign one card to tell me when to close up shop and say nothing more.
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Wendywu  Wendywu is offline
Thursday's Child
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Thursday's Child

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I just read what comes out of the deck. I can truthfully say it has never occurred to me not to include all of the cards in the reading.
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Kelly-Ann  Kelly-Ann is offline
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In the Runic divinatory system Perthro is often a rune that is described as a dead end for the reading.. It's the rune of fate and secrets of the universe and you're supposed to consider totally stopping the reading if it appears because it is not yet time to ask the question. (Those who use the 'wyrd' (blank) rune have this rule for it too.)

But in Tarot I've never heard of any cards that are supposed to represent this and in fact it probably wouldn't be a good idea because every single message in Tarot is slightly different and ultimately valid. There are certainly cards which could offer the suggestion that it's not yet time to explore the territory, but there's no need to 'hide' that or not say anything - just simply tell the querent that that's your interpretation.
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One of the original 100 members

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Jadore - sorry! Was slightly confused by the title and this thread. My first reaction was 'Do not tell the cards? How? They know everything!

I suspect the title might have been - "Do Not Tell" Cards . If this is so I would have to conclude with Wendywu:
I just read what comes out of the deck. I can truthfully say it has never occurred to me not to include all of the cards in the reading.
I will also add to it by saying - the Querent came to you with a question and these cards came out of the deck-why would you feel the need to either 'cover them up' or ignore them? It would not be the cards but rather the Querent that might make me find a more diplomatic way of tell a distraught person there are more problems coming straight at them.
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Masa  Masa is offline
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I've heard (rarely) of some people using the title card or a designated "Unknown" card (like this one in Crystal Visions) to represent something in the reading that isn't supposed to be known, but they just use it to fill that one position, not to stop the entire reading.
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Card Reader/Fortune Teller

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I agree with everyone else. The sitter comes to you with a question in the good faith hope that you'll tell them what the cards say, so that's what we should do. Making judgments for them what they should and shouldn't hear is like deciding for them which of their mail they should be allowed to read.

There is a case where someone might read a "do not tell", I guess. Sometimes people will save the extra card and put it into the deck, so when that one comes up it's read "this is not to be seen at this time" in some position or other. I don't know how widespread the use of this is, but I've never done it myself.
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Alta  Alta is offline
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Golden Silvery Dionna

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I have read here that some readers leave in the blank card in the Robin Wood deck and use that as a 'Stop here" card.
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Oversized hobbit

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Are you asking about the difficult cards, like the Tower or 10 Swords? They have to be read, but how they're expressed means a lot. It's not easy to combine tact with firmness. But I can see where many readers would want to follow their compassionate instincts and keep quiet. It rarely does any good though. It's better to be honest. But it's not necessary to be blunt, unless it's a repeat customer who keeps ignoring advice to his or her detriment!
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DaisyDragonfly  DaisyDragonfly is offline
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Well, I sometimes find the High Priestess card to mean: 'Not going to say, not going to explain. Stuff's happening, but it's not for you to know. Not right now. Sorry!'

And the Moon card can sometimes mean: 'That's not for you to know, not right now. Things are in transition, the coin's still spinning, the dice are tumbling on the table. Don't know how they're going to fall, and any answer that's given would be based on a illusion.'

Maybe this says more about my limitations as a reader, though...
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