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dream mage 

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Thanks a lot to everyone who responded.

Unfortunately, I knew about the Llewellyn catalogue ( I get issues.. but I haven't for a while...) and I knew about the Tarot Reader that Llewellyn releases ( I own 2005 and 2006 *big grin) I was just wondering if there was anything else out there.

I will look into the websites. Thank you everyone.

~Dream Mage
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i know of a really good tarot magazine

its called

the AT
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Ask him to get you membership to AT. THen you can join in the competitions, member decks, chat threads.

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Seems like the people here could put together a monthly or bi-monthly ezine?

A few deck reviews, perhaps an interview with deck creaters or book authors, maybe a section on history..... Of course, nobody could expect any pay at first- it would all be for glory(!)

Just a thought- it has to start somewhere. Who knows- perhaps such a magazine could spawn a print edition down the line?
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In case anyone is interested, I am planning to put together a new quaterly pdf magazine next year linked to my site - having, as the area suggests, four areas of interest (Tarot, Kabalah, Freemasonry, and Anthroposophy). Whether it gets printed will in part depend on costs, and whether there is a demand for a printed version - we'll see.

This is in addition to the annual Journal and the monthly Newsletter that comes under the auspices of the Association for Tarot Studies. For those interested, the Newsletter comes out monthly, and the article from past issues are also online.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to contribute an article to the annual Journal Taros for the 2007 edition, PLEASE do. Deadline is mid-March.
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"Tarot Reflections" is a monthly, web-based publication of the ATA containing
insightful essays, informative reviews, guided meditations, tarot-related humor
... and more!

To receive an email notification each time "Tarot Reflections" is updated,
send ATA an email asking to be added to their subscriber list.

November 2006

ATA "Reflections" - Archives


PS: Madame Athame is... oh, should I tell? (Not me!!!) hehehehe
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I write a Taort and Cartomancy Magazin but it is in german language ^^ you find the magazine in my blog ^o^
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JadziaDeForest  JadziaDeForest is offline
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I thought I'd revive this thread a bit. I've put together a new tarot magazine and the first issue will be out May 1st, 2015. There will be both a print version and online version. The magazine is called The Cartomancer ( and we (myself, Jay DeForest, and Bonnie Cehovet) are excited to offer the community this new quarterly journal.

Please check out the website for more information, or get in touch with me.
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there is a dedicated thread to your magazine here
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chongjasmine  chongjasmine is offline
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There is hardly any tarot magazine despite the interest in tarot.
I wish there are more tarot magazine.
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