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Golden Silvery Dionna
Join Date: 06 Aug 2001
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My first deck was the standard Rider deck, purchased in Vancouver in 1971. It was my first posting, I was at the other end of the country from my family and well, it just seemed cool. I also wound up with a little group of buddies and we had our tea leaves read, crystal balls gazed and so on. I don't recall there being any other decks in the shop.

Honestly didn't get another one until years later (late 90's) when I bought the Robin Wood at Little Mysteries in Halifax. I LOVED that deck and also her book. I studied it obsessively for over two years. Since then I don't think that any one deck has had such an impact as those two, but there are quite a few that I favour now.

While I was in Whitehorse (mid 70's, northern Canada), I got to know a woman who used a cute little oracle deck. She taught me how to read it and we even did public readings. I didn't know how to get a deck like that for myself, she had gotten hers in Europe, but years later I found it on the internet and got a copy.
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Location: Missouri, USA
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My first deck was actually the New Palladini. I bought it because the store clerk said it was a beautiful deck and I'd wanted to learn about tarot for quite a while. I did think it was beautiful but didn't get much from the pictures. So I went back a couple of months later and the first deck I picked myself was the Tarot of the Old Path. That's the one I feel is more MY first deck.
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My first deck was the Morgan Greer, which I bought when I was in my teens. It still holds a very special place in my heart (and I still have it, thankfully.)

It's like greeting an old friend when I pull out that box!
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Golden Moon 

I still remember the Tarot Egipcios by Dr. Moorne being my very first deck at the age of 14. What made it so special was that it was a gift from my Grandmother and Mother. Little did I know that there was a companion/manual book for using this deck. For 4 years I had been using it with my own intuition. When the book was gifted to me by a family friend, I hardly ever used it being that my intuition guided me through out. I still have the book and go through it once in a while.,r:2,s:0
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My first deck was the Osho Zen in November 2009. I bought the Universal Waite shortly thereafter when I found it was RWS based, so I could find out about RWS. Since then, it's been a year of tremendous growth and learning as well as money-spending!
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Mine was the RWS, purchased in the early '70's from a 'Head Shop'. That was the only deck they had. I thought it beautiful, gorgeous; more for the idea of what it WAS. I had faith even then that it 'worked' because of my grandmother. I wish I still had this deck but I can't remember whatever happened to it over the years. My next was either Hanson-Roberts or Moon Garden - I've since blossomed in ecstacy over the myriad of decks available.
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My first deck was the Mystic Faerie Tarot, which I bought just six months ago - I really am a newbie. I was not into tarot reading before, and I was simply drawn at the beautiful pictures by Linda Ravenscroft, whom I had long known as a great artist. The deck came with a book by Barbara Moore: it was both fascinating and soothing. I had always found the cards of the classical Tarot de Marseille quite frightening, and the Mystic Faerie Tarot was a much "tender" way of approaching this art.
Now I am trying to learn and already dreaming for a a dozen other beautiful decks...
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Location: Between the gum tree's
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The first deck I bought for myself was the Sacred Circle when it first came out, followed closely by the Mythic.
I prefered the Mythic because I wasn't as keen on the artwork on the SC, plus for many years I had been obsessed with Greek Mythology.

But I remember in my early teens a few friends and I used to get together in various clandestine settings to read each other's cards (yellow box RWS.)
One location included a local haunted house, but we freaked ourselves out the first time we went there after dark and didn't go back.
We had our own little 'secret club' and thought ourselves pretty cool. lol
I don't remember what happened to those cards.
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Location: United States
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my first one was the Enchanted that I got when I was about 16 or so
I didn't really choose it so much as it was the only thing available at my local bookstore. I have since sold it to someone else

Years later the first deck I actually bought with more thought going into it was the Londa. I still have it.
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My first tarot deck was the Thoth and I couldn't understand it at all. Plus the artwork was very unsettling to me.

So I found the Selina Lin Manga Tarot- but again it was unreadable to me as I had trouble reading with unillustrated pips.

Then, passing by the tarot section of Barnes and Noble I found the Easy Tarot pack. I saw the Gilded's "Sun" card and loved its coloring so I bought it. I read the book and decided now was the time to learn the tarot. So I worked hard to learn the meanings and pick up my own unique style of reading.

So the Gilded was my first deck that I was able to read with. I love the bright colors and how familiar the deck is to me. That "Security Blanket" comfort just can't be found with any other deck.
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