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Your very first deck

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Question Your very first deck

I'm sure it's been discussed before, but I'm curious to know which it was.
How old were you when you got it? What year was it, if you remember How was it to read with? Any funny stories about how you got it? Do you still have it?
I'll go first. It was sometime around '93 or '94. I was in my teen years, about 14 or 15, and it was a Marseilles deck. I don't really know which version, but it had english titles and a mustard/curry-yellow back with thin red stripes in a sort of tartan pattern.
I got it for free from a - well I don't know what to call it - but it's name was Zodiac (I think) and every month I would get these pages for a ringbinder about all kinds of supernatural and New Age stuff. I was total oblivious to tarot at the time, so I knew nothing about it, but I played around with it for fun. I don't really remember how it was to read with, 'cause I didn't get really into it untill I got my Thoth, but thats a different story
I don't have it anymore, because I don't think I really ever liked it, so I think it went in the trash when I got the Thoth, which I'm a little sad about today.
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1JJ from KMart (yes, I DO mean KMart...) in 1975 or thereabouts.

Never managed to read with it. But I still have it. OF COURSE I still have it !

Here's a thread about this !

And another and another.

A topic which always fascinates !
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very sadly, I do not remember what my first deck was. It was in the mid 1980's, I was a teenager and I bought a tarot deck. Can't even remember what struck me to do so. Anyway, I bought that deck and used it a bit (not enough for the images to solidify in my mind) and then lost track of it. I have recently poured over images of decks from that time hoping to jog my memory, but alas, I fear it is hopeless. Upon my return to tarot my "first" deck was the RWS, but I long to remember that very first one....
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I got my first deck in 2009 when I was 42. I bought it because of a journal I was using (and still use) that had spaces for card readings. I got the Osho Zen because I wanted something with a Buddhist feel and that was the closest thing I could find. I liked the colours but from the beginning there were aspects of it I didn't like. I told myself this was the deck showing me things about myself that I didn't like. Wrong. I got the Universal Waite shortly after that and much preferred it. I discovered this site, which opened up worlds of decks to me and eventually I gave the Osho Zen away. I am not sad I got rid of that deck, but I am sad that I didn't discover tarot earlier in my life. Never mind, eh!
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1971. A Rider Waite with the plaid back - I think it was the first year for that deck. It was a Christmas present from Mom (I asked for a crystal ball, but she couldn't afford one). I was 12.
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Also a Rider-Waite with plaid backs which I purchased myself from a local store in 1996 -97. I was in my twenties. It took me years to figure out how to read it I still have this deck.
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The Mythic - I bought it in 1988 while shopping in Macy's on 34th Street.
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Universal Waite version of RWS, purchased from Barnes and Noble somewhere between 2000-2002 when I was 12-14. my memory leaves much to be desired, lol. I eventually gave it away when I got a Gilded several years later.
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Mine was The Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed.. I hated it so traded it away for a Robin Wood because everyone said that was THE pagan deck to get.. Hated that too so that went up for another trade. I settled on the New Palladini Tarot .
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My first one was the Thoth after I joined a course in guided meditation / visualizations for several weeks - must have been around 1985. But the Thoth was too heavy for me, so I bought the Aquarian Tarot some weeks later.
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