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Out of my collection
1. The Wild Unknown
2. Shadowscapes
3. Gaian (Llewellyn)
4. Druidcraft
5. Baroque Bohemian Cats
6. The Zombie Tarot
7. Cephalopod Tarot
8. Hello Kitty Tarot (Brittany Tingey Version)
9. Oracle of Shadows and Light
10. The Halloween Oracle

I don't think I could part with any of these ever
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It's so interesting to see everyone's picks! Mine in no particular order:

Vanessa Tarot
Zerner-Farber deck
Legend of Tarot
Animal Dreaming Oracle
Fairy Lights
Silicon Dawn
PCS (tin)
Tarot of the Magical Forest
Australian Wildflower Reading Cards
aaand Pixelperk's Zelda deck (majors only)

I feel a bit bad about those I left out but it was a good reminder to give some love to the rest of the decks in my collection
If I were to take decks I don't own but want to into account, I'd probably swap the pixelperk deck with the Nusantara. A girl can dream, haha.
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Mine. In no particular order.....
The Alice Tarot
Ancient Italian
Nigel Jackson
Tarot of the Holy light
Tarot of the Old Path
Sola Busca
Alchemical Renewed 3rd edition
Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot
I would love to own a Granny Jones very badly. The Victorian Romantic would be up
There if I had the book and could understand it better.
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I only have one tarot deck. I learned tarot with the Rider Waite but always hated the imagery. I owned various oracle decks but could not find a tarot deck that I liked. Finally did, though.

Shadowscapes Tarot.

It's not perfect but there are very few cards in this deck I don't like and many that I do. It's the first deck that enables me to truly understand each card without having to resort to guide books and the usual interpretations. I enjoy the complexity of tarot and tend to prefer it over other oracle systems but finding artwork that really spoke to me was incredibly difficult, so after 15yrs I've finally found one.

Bonus for me is that the card size is smaller than most decks which makes it easier for me to shuffle and handle. My oracle decks make my hands ache and are a bit unwieldy.
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Post My 10 Favorite Tarot Decks

The following list is based on my experience with my collection of 12 decks, plus many more I have researched online. I included these for their artistic, spiritual, and/or historical value, not because they are my favorite decks to read with. The decks with *'s are decks I have a physical copy of.

In no particular order:

Tarot of Marseille*
Wild Unknown*
Golden Tarot of the Tsar*
Dark Goddess
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Great question! Tough one though. Here is what I would choose as of right now.

Thoth Deck
Modified Vachetta Deck (Tarot of the Masters)
Paulina Tarot
Victorian Romantic
Deviant Moon
Journey Into Egypt
Dreaming Way
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Aspiring Mystical Crone
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Aspiring Mystical Crone

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1) Gendron Tarot
2) Halloween Tarot
3) The Red Deck (Samhain deck of the Bastard, 3rd Ed.)
4) Dame Fortune's Wheel
5) Night Sun Tarot
6) Pagan Tarot
7) RWS commemorative edition
8) Barbara G. Walker Tarot
9) Tarot of the Cat People
10) Golden Tarot

I have all except 3) The Red Deck - which will be an Xmas gift for me this year.
I presently have the 2nd edition of Samhain deck of the Bastard - I suspect I will like
the red backgrounds more.

8-10 are my "magic and ritual" decks - I don't use them for straight reading.
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In no particular order:
1. Wildwood
2. Druidcraft
3. Druid Oracles (plant and animal)
4. Original Mythic
5. Roots of Asia
6. Deviant Moon
7. Tarot of the Hidden Realm
8. Tarot of the Vampyres
9. Crystal Visions
10. Thoth

Well that was easier than I expected!
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Oversized hobbit

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Every time I find one of these threads I start counting and always end up wanting to fudge in a few more. But as of today:

The first three always get pride of place:
Morgan Greer
Robin Wood

After that, in no particular order:
Arcus Arcanum
Arthurian (Matthews)
Victorian Fairy
Pagan Cats
Sacred Rose

If I could fudge in a few more, I'd add:
Anna K
Cat's Eye
Legend Arthurian

That's somewhat less than half my collection. Would I miss the others? Of course I would!
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Top 10 Decks

I love how varied everyone's answer is. This is really hard to do but mine would be (in no particular order)...

1) Dame Darcy Mermaid- such a playful and joyous deck.
2) Tarot of the Magical Forest- My go to deck and basically a hug in a deck for me.
3) Bonefire Tarot- Love the artwork, the cardstock, the shape and size, everything about it.
4) PCS Centennial Edition- The only RWS deck I have ever gotten on with.
5) The Wild Unknown- This is new to my collection but it's already a fave of mine.
6) Borderless Deviant Moon- I love this mischievous deck, it reads well for me.
7) Ostara- I missed out on this but am hoping it gets picked up by a publisher, I adore the artwork, it just calls to me.
8) Tarot Illuminati- I actually found this deck repulsive until a couple of months ago, now for some reason I am desperate to have it.
9) Fey Tarot- I really love the way the RWS system has been interpreted in this deck, the companion book is recommended though.
10) Ellis Tarot- This is such a refreshing and bright take on the RWS. I find it very readable and I love the mer-people in the suit of cups and the gorgeous foxes in the wands.
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