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Zerner Farber...on my list for 4 years...until now

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There is another size Zerner-Faber?!
I have the smaller version then, the one that came with the book. I do like it, it is such a fun deck. It reads very well too for me, we seem to just connect. The cardstock is light on this deck but for me that just makes it easier to shuffle.

For me this deck is playful as well, and is great for doing readings on light, more minor matters. It seems to lose focus when I do a spread on a more serious issue, I don't know if I would use it professionally or even for a more personal spread for myself!
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Le Fanu 

Originally Posted by minrice
There is another size Zerner-Faber?!
I have the smaller version then, the one that came with the book. I do like it, it is such a fun deck
The Zerner-Farber is small. The Enchanted is (as far as I know) the ZF with borders. I also thought it was The Enchanted set that came with a book, not the ZF.

My deck just came in a small box "with window" and LWB.

Id heard that the best deal was to get the Enchanted, trim the borders, thus giving you a bigger deck, but also having the companion book!
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I used to carry the ZF with me in my backpack, and this thread is reminding me that I need to find it!
It's been awhile since I have seen it and now I am wondering what it is up to...
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I trimmed the larger size deck, one of the strengths of the book is the large size images that each face the description, and the tiny little sort of magical spell included as part of the description. (that is from memory, I don't have the set here)

Their blog (again from memory) indicates they have a contract with Barnes and Nobel to come out with a product each year, hence the plethora of items under their imprint.

It is a tough job but someone has to do it

I miss Fulgour, but respectfully disagree with his statement that it wasn't possible to sell 250K decks. Look at the Mythic, which I believe has over 1 Million sold in it's original form.
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I adore the images on my Enchanted, and the book is, indeed, lovely. I've considered picking up a ZF so I'll have somethng I can shuffle, though... the Enchanted is nearly 5 1/2 inches (could easily trim down to 4 1/4).
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Thumbs up

the enchanted was my first and only deck for well over a decade. then i saw the zf in the store one day and got that, too. took another couple years before i even thought of getting another deck. (and when i did, it was by the same people.) it's not 'fluffy' at all and it reads great. it's still the one i reach for when i want unambiguous answers - or as close as i can get to that with tarot.

all of their items are gorgeous. there's only one i've ever tried in all these years that i found didn't work well for me. and i like them both as people, too.
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Miss Divine 

I used to have 2 copies, but I recently gave mine away to friends. I hadn't been using them much anymore anyway.

Sometimes I wonder though, do I regret it?
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