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Nemia  Nemia is offline
Join Date: 29 Sep 2013
Location: End of Nowhere
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First of all, thank you, I'm incredibly excited and can't believe that I have won this great reading, because I never before won anything. But this is so spot on, I'm quite giddy and have to read, re-read and re-re-read it. And then you'll get a more in-depth reply.

Let me tell you first of all that I'm a Taurus and everything you said in your reading makes perfect, perfect, perfect sense.

I have after years of pussyfooting around the Tree finally read some books (some of them in my shelf for more than 20 years) and drawn up my own tree and made one from colored glass drops for meditation, and have lately been meditating a lot. I only just started to get to know it and feel a complete ignoramus but I know enough to understand what you did in the reading.

As I said, I'm going to re-create it now on my own tree diagram and return with more in depth remarks.
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Nemia  Nemia is offline
Join Date: 29 Sep 2013
Location: End of Nowhere
Posts: 2,492

I will upload a picture of the illustrated tree later and will keep the reading open for some time to understand it better. I'm just getting my first introduction to the tree and don't move around its paths with ease like you but I think I begin to understand the energy of the sephirot, and I understand the energy of the planets and signs much better.

Some of the cards are among my favorites not only for their beauty for their re-appearance in my readings over time. Four disk cards - that makes me really connect to the reading because I'm a Taurus, two Venus cards, two circular cards (Ace/Disks and Four/Wands) in balance at Chesed and Gvurah, complemented by a starred circle (the 6/Disks) on Tipheret, and two female energies above and below. I'm far from grasping the meaning of all this complex balancing thing of beauty, but it looks like a mobile hovering in the air, working perfectly.

So let me first understand your way of doing this reading, it's the most dynamic, fascinating thing ever, a prime example of intuition working best when working from a solid foundation of knowledge.

You let the first minor guide you to the sephira that will serve as starting point. Four of wands, obviously Chesed. I can see how well they get along - wands and Jupiter, Venus and Four, Aries and all of them. And yes, they tell me my situation is not as bad as self pity lead me to think - my talents, my raw materials, go into two directions and I actually use both. Everything you said there was spot on and made a lot of sense.

Then you let the energy of this meeting (card suit and sephira number) guide you on the path that seems to be calling for exploration? I'm sorry I know less about the paths, I do know the energy of Lust, though, and understand why it connects Chesed and Gvurah. Again, everything you said there fits my situation and feelings. I'm a visual person and the trees and staff of the Princess make a strong connection on this path and underline it. And I feel the earth under my feet tingling, yes.

The Ace/Disks and the Nine emphasize the diskiness of this reading. Again, your interpretation of DOING is more than appropriate.

You then return to Chesed to explore the path towards Tipheret on the other side. Visually, the appearance of nine disks and 5 wands makes total sense - they really draw the path visually just like the Princess did, and that amazes me and calls me to get to know the paths better! So much homework to do!

The appearance of the 6 disks, this most wonderful card to which I feel much connected lately, is like a revelation. (it was the final card in a reading I did for myself when I wanted clarity about family conflicts - and suddenly I noticed that my children, my husband and I are represented perfectly by the astrological signs on the disks - which was comforting). To have this on Tipheret means so much to me.

It's a miracle how the projective geometry of these beautiful cards connects the tree and the cards themselves. Just look at the "beams" at the sides of the six, and how they connect with the 9 disks and the 5 wands. They have, as odd numbers, a central beam that seems to click to the even-numbered symmetrical six like synapses. Of course, they lead towards the slowly moving circles on Gvurah and Chesed, and the whole circle is crowned by the shield in the Princess's hand. The half circle on the lower part of the 6 disks (which I have turned properly since taking the first picture...) is repeated in the bow and veil and half moon of the High Priestess.

I'm a visual person and if the visuals make sense to me, ans they do here, I use them as jumping board for meditation.

On the chesed side I see fire, on the gevurah side earth, how well it all balances it out.

I know now quite concretely what I have to do and I thank you very much. I will put into practice a long-hedged plan and re-structure the muddled balance of my different pursuits, but without becoming rigid. And yes, the earth, garden, herbs, mud, tools, they will all have their place.

I'm fed up with being a wordsmith only. I'll continue to be one because that's the thing I learned and do for a living, but I need to explore much more seriously the other things in my life, creative work, YES.

It's all bubbling inside and I'm most intrigued by your creative use of the Tree, and the security with which you move on its paths.

I can never hope to give you anything similar back, but I thank you. You have really helped me!

(ETA: added the picture - not even perfectly balanced etc, 6 disks upside down, on my sketchy learning tree - but how beautiful it looks!)
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Nemia  Nemia is offline
Join Date: 29 Sep 2013
Location: End of Nowhere
Posts: 2,492

Closrapexa, you were totally and completely spot on. Things have come to pass and I have allowed them to happen - I'm very happy and have to thank you again. I have often thought of this reading.

I wanted to leave this later feed back because an important reading has a long term impact, and this one had. So this is my longer term feedback. Toda.
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