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Goal, Motivation, Conflict (Tarot Spread for Writers)

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So, whatever happened to the idea of a forum for writers????

How about a forum for Creativity?

There are so many creative beings here..... art, poetry, writing, crafting..... and many of us utilize Tarot in and around and among our creative endeavors....

We could inspire one another, help one another, encourage one another.......

Tarot, after all, involves the very center of our Creativeness!!!

Let's keep this going!
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Bean Feasa 

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Hey Skytwig,
This thread's just been mentioned in the 'Spread for writers' thread above - I was posting in it without realising that this had been resurrected. I would certainly be in favour of a Creativity Forum and I think lots of other people would too. Failing that we could just try out some of these spreads and post here on how they pan out, or keep a few general threads on the relationship between Tarot and creativity going in Talking Tarot
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I'd be interested in a forum on Creativity, definitely!

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Any ideas on a Creativity Forum can be posted in the Suggestions forum. There has already been a discussion about that, which you can find here; feel free to take it up again!
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Red Emma 
Tarot spread for writers


In the past few weeks I've frequently thought about this thread and due to my Upper-kindegarten-level computer skills didn't know how to find it. I did post a query last week about a 3-card spread I did trying to define my hero's character. Got some interesting responses.

After reading through the whole thread this morning, I have further things to say about some of the issues posted. Especially depression-based health problems.

It looks as if I have mine on the run.

During the past nine months I've been treated for post traumatic stress (bullying, violent, abusive father) using a fairly new technique called EMDR. It has something to do with eye movement.

For the past few weeks I WAKE UP WITH ENERGY!!! Some days the depression-based fatigue kicks in, but I've learned how to send it packing. Mostly. The wondrous thing is, if I can't identify the trigger of specific depression episodes, the Tarot does it for me. Frequently, identifying the trigger is enough to put paid to the episode.

So. I'm back to writing daily, or trying to write daily. Promising myself I'll write daily. I have a good plot to work on ... and frequently find more through the Tarot. (Got a great one yesterday when my morning 3-card draw didn't make a lick of sense.)

Here's the rub. I was once the member of a good critique group, but it's fallen away. And now as I try to turn pretty-good-plot into a smashing story, I get bogged down and discouraged. If I had one or more persons to bounce ideas against, to read some of my material to, I think, I do think, I could get the impetus to keep going.

Is any one else in this situation? Would a group of a few people to trade ideas and all that stuff, be of help?

Can we create our own cheering section?
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I have the book outline for Tarot for Writers. Now to actually write it. LOL! I have developed a few other spreads but need to work with them to see if they are viable or not.

I honestly don't know that I would have a ton of time to participate in a Writer's Forum or Creativity Forum, but I would try.
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Originally Posted by Red Emma
Night Star, I've been dabbling in aroma therapy for a while. The results are fascinating. I'm continually amazed at the knowlege and skills which were "junked" when healers were burned as witches.

I'm not familiar with citrine and lemon grass oil. What is their effect?
Hi there! Grin!~ Call me Arwen, please.

Citrine is a stone that lends itself to breaking writer's block.

Lemon Grass is a joyful scent that also encourages the imagination.

Sorry about not responding. I hope you are still around!
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