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What Kind of Career is represented by the Moon?

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mary ventura 

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maybe a marine biologist ??

Mary V
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Just a little prairie faerie

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A vampire?
A doughnut baker?
A Prostitute?
A cat burgler?
A manager of a Red Lobster Resturant?
All great jobs with many perks and benefits.
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Originally Posted by PentQueen
I'm less than pleased with the vocation I've chosen, and lately I've been asking the cards what line of work I should enter/where my talents lie. I have some ideas about where I should head, and keep pulling the moon card (RW deck & Golden).

I'm curious to see what type of career/line of work relates to the moon. I would guess that it relates to some kind of work at night, and something creative, but I'd love to hear others' thoughts...any ideas?

That depends on how you use the card. Different people have different meanings for it. The card always simply means romance to me and romantic feelings and anything to do with romance.

Maybe you are meant to be an author and write romantic novels.

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Exotic dancer, but only if the Moon is in the presence of the 2 of Pentacles.

All joking aside, I can definitely see the Moon symbolising writing, musical or otherwise. Anyone who has listened to a nightingale sing during a full moon might.
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Smile Moon Tarot Vocation

I think the moon tarot is about nebulous things. Things that are mystical and veiled by nature. The things that cannot be seen with the naked eye, trickery or illusion. So, perhaps a career laden with deception and glamour. Acting, the movie industry, screen writing, play wrighting, dramatist, photography, trickster, Vegas magician.

Or maybe you are just confused about what you should do, or will have a career with many changes. The moon does indicate confusion as well.
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I have the book by Lady Lorelei, and yup the astronomer/astronaut career suggestion there was pretty cheeky.
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Citizen X

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A Trip to the Moon 1902

Film, creative writing, artist...
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The first thing that came into my mind was a priest
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the night shift at any factory...
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Traditionally the card represents those who work in the theatre, film industry, music business or create fiction, a highly creative card.
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