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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step ONE

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le fey 
21 Ways - Step One

Step One - Druidcraft, Queen of Swords

Yes, another latecomer - I've been away from the board for awhile and just now realized you were doing this! I love this book and am excited at a change to work through it with a group.

The Queen of Swords depicts a woman with loose, flowing grey hair seated on a wooden highbacked chair. The chair is rough-hewn with open roots at the bottom of the legs and is resting on a large rock. In the distance to the woman's left, there is a higher rocky peak with a gnarled, leafless tree standing on it.

The woman is in profile, with her right side facing me. She is wearing a wooden or copper carved circlet, a flowing purple gown trimmed in deep blue with a deeper purple shawl. The way her hair and shawl flow behind her, she appears to be facing toward a fairly strong breeze and her face is tilted upward, mouth closed and eyes nearly shut. Her facial features are firm - long straight nose, narrow arched eyebrows, set narrow mouth. She holds a sword in her right hand, with the blade resting in her left hand. Her feet are bare with the left leg planted firmly on the rock and her right leg tucked closer to her body near the leg of the chair.

The sky is blue but heavily mottled with clouds and the sun is a yellow gleam very low in the sky and coloring the lower clouds yellow and pink. The ground beneath the rock is not visible and she seems to be at a high altitude.

This is the Druidcraft Queen of Swords.
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First step

I am way way late but will chime in anyway. Will try not to read your posts here until i posted mine though.

I tried these exercises on my own before but got stuck on nr3 or so. Will try again in this group here, I will use the same card i had picked out for my first try.

6 of birds from the Shining Tribe tarot by Rachel Pollack

It is night, the full moon is shining down on a woman sleeping in a cradle-like bed of stone. Behind her are 5 dark stone pillars.Her hands under her cheek, she lies on the side with her face turned towards us. She is big and voluptuous and very bright red.

Under the bed is a snake and over her flies 6 birds. 5 of them far off in the distance but one of them, large and golden with feathers in red and green, is hoovering above her with wings spread out.

This is 6 of Birds.
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For jema

Jema, welcome to our study group. You are not alone in starting along this journey, several others are also busy with steps ahead of your first step. Some of us have completed the 21 Apprentice steps and will soon be starting the Adept level. However, we will always be monitoring the Apprentice level and will chime in with encouragement and comments from time to time. I can tell you that we have all found this a very rewarding study. Dave
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Hi Jema and Le Fey welcome to the study group. As Dave stated no matter where we are in the steps we are always around to help others when needed, and to learn from your experiences. Glad you chose to join us.
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21 ways....

Step one, deck---"Gothic" Tarot....Card--Knight of Pentacles...

I like this card. It has a blonde vampire standing next to an ancient, gnarled tree...with skulls littering the ground around the base. His one foot in ontop of a skull, and there are 3 wolves 2 sitting, one ready to attack at his gesture, to his left.

Behind him is a ancient stone arch way (shows 2 main archs) with a pentacle atop them. I havent looked at the LWB yet but what I got from looking at HIM is he is able, calm, thorough, and once he is your friend, steadfast. Loyal, highly intellegent, and always willing to help....BUT! Once one does anything to lose his trust would be a long and difficult task to gain it back.

I like him!
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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step ONE

21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step ONE

Step One: Universal Tarot, 9 of Swords

After asking “What do I most need to look at in my life right now,” the 3 cards I pulled in order were the 10 of Chalices, 6 of Wands and 9 of Swords. I found the 9 of Swords most intriguing and most unsettling; the 10 of Chalices had the most detail (I so wanted to pick this card) and the 6 of Wands did nothing for me at all.

The 9 of Swords is a women laying in bed, hands over her eyes, with 9 Swords up above, but behind her. There are 2 white and 1 red dot to the right of the card

I chose the 9 of Swords…NO, the 9 of Swords, chose me!
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For Midnightblue

Welcome to the first step of a most wonderful journey of learning and satisfying one's curiosity about just how much tarot is in us. Dave
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Originally Posted by Midnightblue
I chose the 9 of Swords…NO, the 9 of Swords, chose me!
Isn't it interesting the way that happens sometimes? You just really DON'T want that one specific card (whichever it is) but you know you just have to delve into it. If your card is anything like mine (and I'm sure it is) you'll learn tons from working with it.
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Ball of Doom
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MidnightBlue welcome to the group I see you did not shy away from the 9 of swords that says a lot about your character.
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Step one : Revelations, 5 swords

Is it too late for another new one?

I have the book and my chosen deck...the three cards I pulled are Death, Emporer and 5 swords. I am most drawn the the 5 swords... (these cards have confirmed my thoughts that I am in a bit of an 'odd' place at the moment !!)

The revelations 5 swords depicts a male wearing a blue cloak stabbing himself in the stomach with one of the swords with his eyes closed, head down. The reverse shows another male crying out in despair, to above, with his hands at the sides of his face... He is wearing green, backed by a darker blue.

I guess as I am a late starter it will be in order to do the steps quicker than one a week? Please advise!

Edited to add: I couldn't wait - have moved on to the other steps!!
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