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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step ONE

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21 ways to read a tarot card - step 1

Step ONE: Hanson-Roberts, the Sun

A chubby blonde child rides a big white horse. The child is waving a blue banner. On the background we see sunflowers and the bricks of a wall and green grass. Above in the card we see a smiling big sun with radiant beams.


This is the Hanson-Roberts SUN card.
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21 ways.

Step ONE: Golden Dawn deck: The King of Wands.

It's generally a red, reen and black card. The only other colors are white and yellow, which are wings of a horse and the crown which is yellow. He's wearing armor, its green at the torso. There's also reptile looking creatures burning (so it seems) beneath him. the king is also holding up a mintature tree looking figure which is glowing.
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21 Ways - Step One

STEP ONE: Golden Tarot - 6 of Cups

This card shows two youths sitting in a garden at the foot of a castle surrounded by six cups filled with flowers.

I am holding the 6 of Cups.



(edit: I've changed my card/deck to the Golden Tarot as the Bruegal Moon was a bit too intense for this study. It was holding me back rather than encouraging me to continue.)
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Step ONE : Robin Wood , Four Of Cups

There's a man with blonde hair, dressed in baggy pants with a belt and a collered white shirt with cuffs at the bottom of each sleeve. He not wearing any shoes. He's sitting up against a very wide tree with vines growing onto it. The branches dont have any leaves and the branches are hanging down. The tree has a patch of dirt around it, but outside that patch there is very green grass. This man has his right leg up and is resting his right arm on his knee. He has his left leg resting on the ground with his left arm resting on top. There is a shiny cup shining on his right and it's floating in mid-air. The cup has carvings of images on it and a diamond is placed in the middle of a carved flower. There are three more cups placed on the ground right in front of him and they are carved with images as well. It's a cloudy day.
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Welcome all

Welcome. It looks like the diversity of decks and cards will provide a lot of interesting sharing as we move thru the 21 steps, and then thru them again in the "Adept" level. Thanks for joining and sharing. Dave
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21 Ways. Step 1

Step One: DruidCraft: 10 of wands

A man walks alone, his back bent slightly forward as he is burdened by the weight of the wands he's carrying. The wands are tied in a bundle strewn across his back. His right hand reaching behind him to steady the wands as his left hand grasps the cord which binds them together.

He's wearing a brown, sleeveless, knee length "Tunic" which appears to be split along his right side up to his thigh. The collar of the tunic forms a "V" shape just in front. The tunic is belted with a green piece of material. He's not wearing any pants. His boots are a greyish, green color and they are almost as high as his knees. They are tied with brown laces.

His hair is just a bit long around his ears and has turned grey, as well as his mustache, beard, and eyebrows. His eyes are closed and his face seems to be firmly set.

He's traveled along a path through a grassy plain with lush greenery atop the hill on his left. He's reached the beginning of a rocky incline. Scattered among the rocks are whisps of greenery. To his right are a pink flower, 2 yellow flowers, and a few red "buds" Just a few other bits of greenery and flowers appear within the rocky path ahead of him.

Behind him the sky is illuminated with pink and white and yellow horizontal stripes. Grey clouds are mixed in with a bit of a blue sky.

This is the DruidCraft 10 of wands.
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step one Tarot of Dreams star

Very stunning blue woman sitting in space over the earth. she has 2 jugs in each hand pouring out a rainbow standing a top a star there are 7 stars going around and on top of her and she is wearing a tiera with stars.
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21 Ways- Step One
Step One * Medieval Scapini * XVIII The Moon

In my Moon card the crab dominates the pool of water it's emerging from.The claws are almost larger than it's head.
Just beyond the crab a silver wolf on the left side is howling up at the sky, voicing it's agitation. A docile Egyptian style dog on the right sits, looking patiently at the wolf, for it to be done. Two towers stand behind the animals, the left looking shorter, the right looking taller, or nearer & farther?
A wizard stands atop the left tower with tools in his hands. He seems to be studying or measuring something in the distance. The right tower has only a telescope
High above, the face of the moon is stern as it looks down towards the wizard. In the cloudy sky, drops seem to be raising back up.
The sky beyond the towers is golden, with a pattern like a royal cloth. Far, far in the distance is just the glimmer of snow covered mountains.

This is the Moon card I have held in my hand.
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Patrick Williams 
21 Ways Step one.

Step one. Le Grand Tarot Belline. L'esclave du Sceptre (Slave of Wands).

A person in multicolored clothing stands facing away from the reader with head turned sharply to the right so that their facial features are evident. Curls of blonde hair come from under a red cap and the cheeks are very blush. To this person's right side, in both hands, a green staff is held (left hand uppermost). The staff is grounded, that is, the bottommost end is on the ground. The ground itself is blue with a few line drawings of plants in black. In a compartment below the picture is the name L'esclave du Sceptre and in a compartment below that is written (in French) "Action, work, efforts for which you will never reap the fruit. Subjugation to the selfish interests and passions of others."

At the top of the card is another compartment with a 'Z' and what may be a '7' written in red, followed in black by the horoscopic symbol of Pisces and the astrological symbol for Jupiter. Then in red the word 'Etranger', which means foreigner or stranger. Then in black the number 25 (the owner of the original deck is said to have numbered them all sequentially). At the very bottom, written upside down as a clue to the reversed meaning is the word 'nouvelle' which means news.

This card's in the bottom left hand corner.
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Step ONE: The Gilded Tarot, Six of Swords

The Six of Swords in The Gilded Tarot is an enchanting and tranquil scene. We have a late night sky which looks to be turning towards early morning dawn. The moon is full, and takes up most of the sky. It looks as though there are some remains of clouds. Perhaps there was a storm when she first began her journey. What remains of the sky is dotted with twinkling stars. A woman is standing up, rowing a boat across fairly calm waters with a wooden staff. The boat is filled with six swords. Behind the woman, are some trees. They appear to be Weeping Willow trees perhaps. In front of her, there is a frog hiding in some grass and ferns next to the water. She is wearing a flowing blue robe that is lined with white fur.

This is the Six of Swords from The Gilded Tarot.
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