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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step ONE

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21 Ways

21 Ways: Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA, The Universe

I've been missing this deck, so I thought this series would bring me back together. This card is filled...

Two figures are walking on a red strip of some sort. One is completely yellow holding an infinity sign of hemp leaves and flowers. She wears a bright gold crown and is turning her body around to look at the other person. She drops a folding fan. Both figures are wearing arm and leg bands, with symbology I'll get into with later steps. Tarsiers sit at the bottome looking up, 4 of them.There is a giant pyramid in the back, with the tip cut off to make it flat. In front of the pyramid are two alligators clamping on to the earth and blood is tricklying out. Also, water is flowing out from the earth and is sweeping around the edges of the card. Saturn and the moon inhabit the top corners. There is a veil covering much of the sides of the card, and it opens in the middle as the people hold onto it lightly. I feel very comfortable with the card for some reason.

This is the Universe from the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA.

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21 ways to read a tarot card

Step one:
Baroque Bohemian Cat's Tarot; the four of wands

In the foreground stands an elegantly dressed cat. In her upstretched arm, she holds a bouquet of roses and there is a pink rose adorning the neck of her gown.
Not far away stands another elegantly dressed cat looking onward.
There are trees behind the first cat that are bursting out into flower and in the background there are two statues at the top of a building, one a lion and the other an angel.
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21 Ways - Step One

Step One - Guilded Tarot - Three of Cups

There are three ladies floating in the air above three golden chalices.
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Hi there. After your great suggestion for this thread we waited and then started without you. Glad you are now with us. We will be going on to Step Four in a couple of days -- I allow about three days between the last posting and starting the next step. Take your time and enjoy this exercise, we'll move ahead a bit later. Dave
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That's fine Dave. I was having computer issues. I'm glad you started without me. I'm looking forward to going through the steps.

By the way, Dave. You are intriguing me with your Fey Tarot world card. I tried to find a pic online, but couldn't find one. If possible would you scan it and post it. Unless you know where it is online.
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21 Steps - Step One

Step One: Daughters of the Moon (Black & White), Five of Flames

I'm jumping in late here, but will run to catch up w/the rest of you.

This is an old deck that I haven't used in many years. We've definitely grown apart, so this ought to be interesting!...

The five of flames pictures a naked woman reaching up from and through the center of a volcano. Lava flows through her & out her outstretched arm.

This card is the five of flames.
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RubyRuby I have uploaded pictures of the fey tarot deck for you to take a look at this cards. I downloaded them from
(it's a microsoft word file with the images embedded in it)
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Step 1 - World Spirit, Two of Cups

Hiya, jumping in a little late, but I'll catch up.

The World Spirit Two of Cups shows two people standing or dancing in a clearing. Their uplifted right hands are holding cups with their arms intertwined. Their left hands hold flowers. Pan and female figure watch from above. There is a snake in the grass at the edge of the clearing.

The Two of Cups, Friendship.
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21 Ways -- Llewelyn Tarot

Step ONE: Llewelyn Tarot, Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of pentacles shows a domestic scene in a medieval world. In the foreground, a young woman is giving a piece of fruit from the basket of fruit that she's holding to a young child sitting on the table in front of the young woman. There is a red pitcher on the table and a pentacle next to it. There are also two dogs, the brown one seems to have his eye on the food, the grey dog is looking away from us, perhaps watching the people in the background. Behind the woman is a person wearing a headdress, also facing away from us, so you cant see their face. There are two people standing by an open doorway, through which you can see greenery and the sky. There is also a youth riding a bay colored horse inside the area. Behind the two people at the doorway, you can see a flight of stairs leading somewhere. In the upper left hand corner, there are branches bearing fruit, perhaps apples. There is also a large tapestry in the upper right hand corner of the scene that has 9 pentacles on it.
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21 Ways-Step One... RWS

Shuffled, took 3 cards out, flipped all, picked one...

My card is RWS 5 of Swords.

The background has a pale blue sky carrying shards of grey clouds, and a wind is blowing. In the distance you can see blackened hills, and a sea of faint violet and a deeper blue hue. The figure closest to this body of water has his head in hands, a bit further away from him, another figure looking out to the water and the smallest figure...both men have their backs to me. Closest, and the biggest figure is showing a quiet triumph in his face. This big man is holding 2 swords(with points up) in one hand, and in his other hand, a sword(with blade point down). The smallest figure wears a yellow garb, with shadow on his back. The medium figure, behind him, is wearing yellow, orange over green, white boots. The largest man, green over red, orange boots...he has flaming red hair.

This is my card of choice: RWS 5 of Swords
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