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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step TWO

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I am surprised -- and happily so -- about the diversity of cards and decks that we have each chosen to identify with for the purpose of this study. If nothing else, I suspect we'll all be driven to look up these decks and pay just a little more attention to their concepts, designs and symbolism. And everyone's descriptions are quite rich in conveying not only the card but the reaction to it. Once we move on thru a few more steps I'll ask Mary Greer to comment on our approach to make sure we aren't missing something that might help us in our quest to deepen our perceptions and understandings.

My thanks to all who join us. Dave
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Step Two Llewelyn Tarot

Llewelyn Tarot, Ten of Pentacles

There are a number of people here, so Ill just do this from the "main" person's viewpoint

I am a young woman living in a medieval time. The dress I am wearing is fairly simple, a tan (?) colored underdress with an over dress that is white on top and with a red skirt and white apron. I have on a blue bodice with yellow (?) lacing. I also have a red shawl over my shoulders. I have a basket of fruit on my arm, and I am giving one of my fruits to a child because they are hungry. There is a brown dog at my feet, perhaps he is wanting a bit of fruit to fall to the floor so he can eat it. Behind me are four people, one is a youth riding a lovely bay horse. There is also a grey dog watching the people. Two others are standing by the large open doorway, talking perhaps. The fourth person has their back to me, I cannot see their face tho they are wearing a white head veil. Beyond the open door is nature. Trees and bushes and rolling hills and beautiful blue sky. Above me is a fruit tree, the same fruit that is in my basket. Behind me to my right is a stairway and to my left is a large wall tapestry with 9 pentacles on it.
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Step Two - World Spirit, Two of Cups

There are two figures dancing in a clearing. Their right arms are linked and they are both holding cups aloft. In their left hands, one holds a lily and the other holds a rose. They are both wearing loose-fitting, brightly coloured clothes. One has high laced boots and a red and black tabard with a blue belt. The other is wearing blue silk trousers and an embroidered sleeveless shirt with a lotus-flower design. He is barefoot. In the sky above them are two figures, one is a woman dressed in blue and green silk with blue snakes of hair. She cups her hands around a red heart embroidered on her shirt. The other figure is pan playing his pipes. His hair is yellow and orange, and his eyes are closed. Directly above the dancers is a star/sun with pips. The clearing they are dancing in is bright yellow-green, around it are long grasses filled with flowers. The clearing is ringed with mushrooms and toadstools of all shapes and sizes. Around the mushrooms is twined a snake in an almost-infinity shape, but the snakes tail is not in it's mouth. The clearing is dotted with violet-like flowers. White clouds billow behind the two figures.
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RWS- 5 of Swords

21 Ways-Step Two:

I find myself somewhat invisible in front of this red headed man, his face turned away from me...I can only see his profile, his eyes hidden from me. He does not detect my presence. I can still sense everything, feel the wind as it rushes through me, giving a slight chill. The day is clearing, like it just finished raining, the sun just beginning to pop in, if in a subtle way. The clouds race along left to right.
As I near the middle figure, I take advantage and now turn to see the red headed man's face, in full view. Yes, he does smile, but appears to be fading, the swords growing cold in his hands. His hands feel like mine, and I can feel the cold, hard heaviness of the steel. Now I can see he is steadying himself with the sword that points to the ground, he appears tired. The other two swords waver on his left shoulder, balancing back and forth. I can feel him holding back, is it a thought, an emotion? I walk forward to the next man.
I can only see his back and the way the wind plays with his cloak, he mumbles, but nothing coherant. I come closer and sense his apathy, his composure is one of stillness, not sure what has caused that. His clothing is fulling animated, as I'm sure he was once, not too long ago. His head is clearly looking at the last man a few feet away from him. Perhaps he feels ackward at the open display of the last man's sorrow.
Now I come to the water, the wind is REALLY kicking up now, the sun's rays are making their way, free.
There is a gentle motion to this last man, he may be cleaning his face, holding in words as he covers his mouth. He is all in yellow, black hair, very young. I can hardly hear anything as the water rushing along its current. The water moves as the wind, left to right. At first the water appeared placid, but I detect rumblings from the earlier storm. In all three figures, I sense fatigue, and a desire to forget what had transpired before.
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21 Ways - Step Two

Golden Tarot - 6 of Cups

I stand at the foot of a beautiful castle in a lush green garden. To my left is a young boy sitting on a stone wall of sorts reading a book. He wears a white undergarment with a brown tunic over the top. He has a cup of white flowers sitting near his leg. Behind him is a white brick wall at the top of a hill. It appears there is a type of fountain or well in the center of this area.

To my right is a toddler looking up towards the youth reading a book. He wears a red garment and displays bare feet. This child holds out a cup of white flowers towards the older boy. He holds a small black and orange bird in his other hand. In the tree behind him sits another small bird. A tan stone wall seperates the castles/homes from the garden below.

Directly in front of me there are four gold cups filled also with white flowers sitting in an offset line surrounded by lush greenary.

The sky looks a soft blue with dusty clouds scattered about. The warmth of the sun shines from the west/left.

6 of Cups
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21 Ways to Read Tarot Step Two

Medieval Cat Tarot - King of Cups

I am standing on a biscuit and milk chocolate coloured checkered floor. I am facing a male cat sitting on a throne decorated with oak leaf stencils. He is wearing regl fur trimmed robes with a wide blue collar and bodice, brown arm insides and white sleeves. His shoes are brown and his tights green and brown with some sort of repetitive cream design. He wears a golden crown on his head with a blue cloth insert. He his holding an ornamental cup filled with water. The cup looks like it has some sort of oval blue panel in the front and then is surrounded by what appear to be crowned skulls.
Behind the cat is a large water wheel with water cascading over it and underneath it. It Appears that some of the water has spilled into 3 puddles surrounding the kings throne.

This is a decription of the King of Cups from the Medieval Cat Tarot
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21 ways to reat a tarot card

Step 2: Gilded Tarot, The Chariot

I am a women dressed in a purple dredd witht a crown on, maybe i am a princes or something more. i look off with a smurk on i face, why, because i am controling this chariot with huge wheels with my will power? above my head on the chariot is what looks like the sun or is that what gets the power that controls the chariot. but wait a minute there are no horses here just sphinxs so whos going anywhere. the spinxes a different colors one silver and balck the other gold and black. the sky looks as if it early morning or late evening

This is my step to of the 21 ways

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21 steps

Step two: The art of Tarot The Devil

I am stood with my hands together as if in contemplation. I am focused on the devil on my right shoulder. I have a wry smile on my face as the devil becons to me. Meanwhile I ignore the pleading angel on my right shoulder. I feel sumptous in my red gown.
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XII. The Hanging Cat
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21 Ways Step 2 4 Wands Manga

4 Wands, Lo Scarabeo Manga Tarot!

Step 2:1.2

I am turning in the middle of 4 bamboo poles. I am wearing a cream-colored kimono with lotuses on the skirt, a red obi, and a crown of pink flowers. People are throwing pink flower petals at me that look like tiny hearts. I smile at them as I turn under the pink sky.
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21 Ways - Step Two

Step Two: Ten of Cups

I sit here, another day, in the grassy field on a bench. My mother continually spins and spins her knitting needles, and I always have to help her. I am dressed in my silver dress, although I'm afraid that the cat, who is trying to get at the yarn in my mother's hand, is going to turn to my nice dress next. Behind me lies our house, old but homey. Bees buzz around, but remain out of reach, and we are out of danger. A bright and vibrant rainbow hangs overhead in the clear blue sky, but there seems to be cups in the sky as well...
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