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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step SIX

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21 Ways - Step Six

Golden Tarot - 6 of Cups

6:1-1 Keywords that express the qualities of each suit:

Wands (Fire): status, enthusiasm, movement
Cups (Water): feelings, moods, reflection
Swords (Air): analysis, strategy, decisions
Pentacles (Earth): fruition, security, physical and material

6:1-2 Suit/element keywords that best express the qualities of my chosen card:

6 of Cups: My card image fits well with Wands/Air keywords - attention, social interaction, teaching and learning

6:2-1 Mode keywords that speak to me in a reading:

Courts: person, attitude, position
Numbers: situations, actions, events
Majors: Cause, lessons, enlightenment
Aces: opportunities, energies, potential

6:2-2 Which mode and keywords my chosen card comes from:

6 of Cups - Numbers mode - This card describes "what" is going on in relation to the readings.
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Knight of Pentacles - Tarot of Prague

The keywords I selected for each suit are:
** Wands - taking action, creativity, passion
** Cups - feelings, moods, intuition
** Swords - thought, reason, communication
** Pentacles - security, skills, patient

The Knight of Pentacles, my chosen card, has elements of both Swords and Pentacles in the image. Corresponding to Swords, The Knight is quiet and thoughtful, musing on the message he must deliver with the large coin, or thinking through his next step.

Ultimately, however, I agree that he most clearly fits Pentacles. He is very secure in his current place and his mission, confident that he has the skills to deliver his message or take the next step effectively. And he is patient, waiting without anxiety for the time to be right to take that next step.

The keywords I selected for the four modes are:
** Court cards - Who?, attitude, aspect of role or job
** Number cards - What?, the situation, terrestrial phenomena
**Major Arcana - Why?, the cause, lesson to be learned
** Aces - Where?, realm of greatest potential, new opportunities

The Knight of Pentacles is a court card. The image features a person (Who?) in a definite attitude (patience, waiting, thinking). It seems to clearly fit the template of the courts.
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21 Ways - Step Six

Golden Tarot - Eight of Swords

6:1_1 Keywords expressing the qualities of the suits in my Golden Tarot deck:
Swords_ ideas, action, creativity, and decisiveness
Wands_ confidence, physical power, and self-reliance
Cups_ emotion and reflection
Coins_ practical skill and tangible accomplishment

6:1_2 Suit/Element keywords for my card - Eight of Swords:
Analysis, Assessment, Problem-solving, also Nervous and Alert

6:2_1 Mode Keywords:
Courts_ An aspect of personality, a way of relating to others.
Numbers_ Life events, actions.
Majors_ Lessons, archetypal energies, psycho-spiritual needs.
Aces_ New opportunities or elemental energy.

6:2_2 Mode keywords for my card:
Eight of Swords is a number card suggesting 'the situation and what’s going on'.
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21 ways - Step SIX

Activity 6-1

Attributes describing suits in general:
Wands: creativity, initiative, action
Cups: emotion, relationship, empathy
Swords: rationality, intellect, decision
Pentacles: skills, possessions, tangibility

Specific to the Arthurian/Hallowquest, with keywords chosen from its companion book:

Swords - Air, Spring: incisive energy, beliefs & ethics, responsibility
Spear (Wands) - Fire, Summer: resourcefulness, inspiration, dynamic drive
Grail (Cups) - Water, Autumn: emotion, abundance, spiritual joy
Stone (Pentacles) - Earth, Winter: consolidation, establishment, attainment

Best describing Card IV Arthur (Emperor) from Arthurian/Hallowquest:
Wands/Earth - a spiritual leader, initiating new things, but establishing and consolidating them into a new order.

Activity 6-2

Keywords selected for the four modes:

Court cards - Who?, attitude, aspect of role or job
Number cards - What?, the situation, life events, actions
Major Arcana - Why?, archetypal energies, lesson to be learned
Aces - Where?, realm of greatest potential, beginnings, fundamental energies

From which mode does my card come:
It's a Major, so it has a big impact. Describes the lesson to be learned or a critical element of the overall situation.
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21 Ways - Step Six Fantastic Meangerie

CARD: The Star
DECK: Fantastic Meangerie
Card can be seen here:

6.1.1. Key words for the suits in the Fantastic Menagerie:
WANDS - fire: status, inflamed, stubborn
CUPS - water: relationships, moods, feelings
SWORDS - air: assessment, cunning, communication
COINS- money, skills, the physical and material

6.1.2. The suit/element key words that best describe my card, which is a Major Arcana card, are: understanding, synthesis, and integration (all from the element of air).

6.2.1. Key words related to mode, that to me in a reading:
COURT CARDS: aspect of personality, role, attitude, and the elemental combination of suit and rank.
MINOR ARCANA: situation, events, what is going on.
MAJOR ARCANA: archtypal energies or influences on the situation, lessons.
ACES: beginnings, raw energy of the element.

6.2.2. My card comes from the Major Arcana mode. That suggests to that it refers to a lesson I need to learn and how to learn it. Based on the influence of the element of air on The Star, I will learn through synthesis, integration, and understanding of true self. Once I process and accept that it will be time to move on to another lesson, and perhaps another card.
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21 Ways - Step Six

Step Six - International Icon, 5 of Wands

Keywords for the suits in the International Icon
Wands: fire, passion, creativity, consumption
Cups: water, emotional, feelings, adaptable
Swords: air, action, communication, confidence of conviction
Pentacles: earth, rewards, materialism, work

The suit/element keywords that best describe my card, 5 of Wands, are associated with fire/air: passion, action, communication

Keywords related to mode:
Courts: role, attitude, responsibilities
Minors: situations, daily life, physical reality
Majors: spiritual reality, inner journey, converse with universe
Aces: start, purity of element, elemental power

My card comes from the Numbers mode. The focus is on the physical, real world reality of day-to-day life and interactions with others in same.
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Step 6 Rider Waite Temperance

Keywords for suits in Deck
Wands/Fire: inspiration, spritiual growth, action
Cups/Water: emotion/feeling, relationship, intuition
Swords/Air: intellectual, conflict, assessment
Penacles/Earth: physical, money, security

Keywords for Temperance
The book says Temperance is a fire element, but I also associate it with water.

Movement, inspiration, internal change

Keywords for modes
Aces: potential, seed, opportunity
Numbers: situation, action, physical
Court: person, personality, attitude
Major: lesson, spirituality, cause

Mode of Temperance
Temperance is a major card. The major cards seem to be the umbrella cards that have something to say about everything. Not only do they have their own interpretation but they also are an interpretor. If Tarot is like a conversation with the cards the majors are who you are talking "to" while everything else is what you are talking "about" so you have two way communication with the major card. Temperance is definately the gentle teacher/friend but also non-judgmental either you listen to her or you don't and if you don't want to listen she will understand, because life will force you to listen to her eventually, though she would rather you not endure suffering.
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Step 6 - Druidcraft Tarot - The Moon


Wands/Fire: risk, energy, action
Cups/Water: joy, dreams, relationships
Swords/Air: mental processes, communication, wit
Pentacles/Earth: money, security, grounding

6.1.2 My card, the Moon is from the major arcana and is the element water. Keywords best describing this card are feelings, imagination and dreams.


Court cards: A person, an aspect of personality, style of attitude
Number cards: Situation, actions, what is going on
Major arcana cards: The cause, lesson to be learned
Aces: The element, new opportunities, energy

6.2.2 The Moon card comes from the major arcana which asks "why?". This is very important in a reading because all aspects of a situation must be known before deciding on steps to take to learn from a situation and move on.
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Universal Fantasy - Knight of Swords

Wands/fire: projects, ambition, creativity, desire, action, movement
Cups/water: feelings, heart, moods, home
Swords/air: will, thought, tests of the mind, cunning
Pents/earth: self-worth, money, actualization, craftmanship

My card: Will, wit and cunning with the element of air.

Courts: Who? styles of acting, a way of relating to others
Minors: What? life events, actions
Majors: Why? a lesson to be learned, psychospiritual needs
Aces: Where? elemental energy, new opportunities

My chosen card comes from the court mode. That suggests an actual person or aspect of someone.
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21 ways to read a tarot card -Step Six

Step 6 – Thoth Tarot – The Lovers

Step 6.1a ~ Keywords for suits in the Thoth Tarot
~ Wands
Fire ~ Energy, Ambition, Enthusiasm, Creativity

~ Cups
Water ~ Feelings, Relationships, Affection

~ Swords
Air ~ Struggle, Pain, Conflicts

~ Disks
Earth ~ Fruition, Security, Self-Worth, Fruits of Labour

Step 6.1b ~ Suit/Element keywords that express The Lovers card

I feel my card best fits into the Cups/Water keywords ~ Joy, Pleasure, Home.

Step 6.2a ~ Select keywords for a mode that speak to you in a reading.

Court Cards ~ Who? Way of relating to others
Minor Arcana ~ What? Life Events, The Situation
Major Arcana ~ Why? Lessons to be learnt
Aces ~ Where? Potential, Something new

Step 6.2b Which mode is my chosen card from?

The Lovers card is from the Major Arcana, so asks us the question why? Lessons that needs to be learned and taken into consideration as we move on to the next phase of life.
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