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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step SEVEN

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21 - Ways Step Seven

Golden Tarot - Eight of Swords

Synthesis statement exercises:
Page of Pentacles
_Beginning a health and fitness regiment.
_New assistant in the office.
_The first quilt/garment you made.

8 of Swords
_Struggling to balance the demands of others and your own personal needs.
_Felling depressed from the restriction of your ideas by others.
_A situation where you feel fearful of regulation.

Wheel of Fortune
_A psycho-spiritual need to express your creativity.
_A lesson concerning your status in the club/group.
_A psycho-spiritual need to settle conflicts.

Ace of Cups
_A renewed sense of happiness.
_New opportunities in psychic development.
_New feelings of peace and affection in your heart.

Synthesis of my Eight of Swords:
_Struggling with complex issues.
_Conflicts over distribution of finances/workload/etc.
_Grieving over past mistakes and personal faults.

Which statement feels most and how does it relate to your life now?
Hind sight is 20/20.

Further synthesis using my own description, emotions and story for Eight of Swords:
The struggles in my life made me re-evaluate my beliefs and formulate my own opinions.
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21 Ways - Step Seven

Step Seven - International Icon, 5 of Wands

Page of Pentacles:
- Giving a business presentation
- Internship
- New job

8 of Swords
- Seemingly hopeless situation
- Blind to surroundings
- Trapped by own action/inaction

Wheel of Fortune
- Life as constant motion between up and down
- Knowledge is power
- What goes up, must come down

Ace of Cups
- Unencumbered emotions (true emotions)
- Influential feelings and/or emotions
- Detachment

5 of Wands
- Being part of something, bringing something unique to group
- Defending position
- Confidence in trying

"Defending position" seems to fit this card best right now.

At work, I am in a position that another company has come in and absorbed us all. While they all say that my coworkers and I are "doing great", their actions aren't matching their talk. We are not heard when we make suggestions or try to manage our work. The distinct impression that is given is that we don't know what we are doing - so mgmt brings in outsiders - who don't do anything differently than we would, but they are listened to. I feel like I am constantly on the defensive.
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Step 7 - Fantastic Menagerie

CARD: The Star
DECK: Fantastic Meangerie
Card can be seen here:

7:1.1. Synthesizing key words into an integrative statement:

Number: students, beginnings, receptive, open, study, learn, serve, undeveloped, potetial, intereseted, yearning.

Element/Earth: security, self worth, value, results, skills, craftsmanship, interested.

Mode Court Card (Who): an aspect of personality, job, or role. Style of acting or attitude. A way of relating to others.

Synthesized Statements: The Page of Coins is about aspects of personality in which the undeveloped potential of the pages combines with the craftsmanship of the Coins.
- Knowing the value of serving others.
- Being receptive to the value of ones own or others' craftmanship or skills.
- Beginning able to acknowledge ones self worth.
- Undeveloped potential that can be brought forward through interest and skills development.

Number: direction, control, complexity, restraint, resigned.

Element/Air: struggle, mental processes, strategy, pessimism.

Mode Number Card (What): situation, life events, what is going on.

Synthesized Statements: The 8 of Swords is about life events in which the complexity of the 8's combines with the mental processes of the Swords.
- Loosing ones direction by being pessimistic.
- Restraining mental processes on purpose.
- Using passive agressiveness to gain control over another person or situation.
- Slef pitty.

Number: completion and new beginning, effects or result of completion, preparation for a new cycle, reaping, reality.

Element/Fire: courageous, willful, optimistic, enthusiastic.

Mode Major Aracana (Why): the cause. A lesson to be learned. Archetypal energies, psychospiritual needs.

Synthesized Statements: The Wheel of Fortune is about archetypal energies influencing the end and beginning of a new cycle which will require courage and enthusiasm.
- Facing reality with optimisn, knowing the wheel will turn again.
- Preparing for a new cycle with determination.
- Reaping the rewards at the end of a cycle with enthusiasm.
- Facing a new challenge with courage.

Number: Newness, simplicity, seed, potentiality, beginning of a new cycle, pure energy, source, inspiration, gift, inspired, awed, wonderous.

Element/Water: emotional, nurturance of an idea, feelings, pleasure, moods, unconscious, imagination, inner processes, receptivity, empathy, happy, peaceful, caring, melancholy, sentimental.

Mode Aces (Where): realm or sphere of greatest potential, specially for producing something new.

Synthesized Statements: The Ace of Cups is about the realm of greatest potential where seeds for a new idea can be planted and nurtured.
- Inspiring feelings in others.
- Being receptive to new endeavors, ideas, and other people (i.e. romance)
- Too much emotion is affercting inner processes.
- Gift of empathy.

7:1.2. Do the same with chosen card - The Star (17) Fantastic Menagerie. This information was taken directly from the previous exercises in chapters 5 & 6.

Number: 17 = 1 + 7 = 8: regeneration, prudence, spiritual progress.

Element/Air: understanding, synthesis, integration.

Mode Major Arcana (Why): the cause. A lesson to be learned. Archetypal energies, pshycospiritual needs.

Synthesized Statements: The Star is about a psychospiritual need for spiritual progress and regeneration in order to feel integrated.
- Spiritual progress through understanding.
- Prudence as a result of synthesis.
- Regeneration through integration.
- Prudence leading to understanding.
- Spiritual progress being the result of integration.

Regeneration through integration is teh statement that feel the truest to me as I think it encompases some of the other statements.

For as long as I can remember I have tried to find some sense of inner peace and integration. It is like a quest of old. By keeping my interest alive and experimenting with new approaches I have found that slowly but surely I am integrating. In turn this regenerates me. The Star card represents the end result of that quest for me.

7:1.3. Further synthesis of chosen card (taken from past exercises in Steps 2 & 4).

Emotions: tranquility, feeling rhough all senses, peacefulness, relaxed.

Story: peaceful evironment, retreat, escape.

- Finding ones happy place.
- Inner peace.
- Contemplation of beauty.
- A sense of "one-ness".
- Connectedness at physical and spiritual levels.
- State of being.
- Harmony.
- In tune with one's spiritual needs.
- In tune with one's environment.
- Being a part of a whole and understanding where you fit in and how it works.
- Spiritual beauty.
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21 Ways - Step Seven - Part One

7-1: Synthesize keywords into an integrative statement for each of these cards:

** Page of Pentacles.

Court cards - Who?, attitude, aspect of role or job
Element - Stone (Pentacles) - Earth, Winter: consolidation, establishment, attainment
Rank - Maiden (Page) - Youthful perspective, student, messenger, the growing seed, assisting/serving others

In the Arthurian Tarot, this card is called Stone Maiden.

A student who is using her practical skills.
A messenger bringing news about a victory or an accomplished task.
Somebody to remind you of your ties to the land and its needs.
A new generation honouring traditional values.
Somebody to assist you in consolidationg a material matter.

** Eight of Swords.

Number cards - What?, the situation, life events, actions
Element - Swords - Air, Spring: incisive energy, beliefs & ethics, responsibility, mind/intellect
Number - Eight - mastery, maturity, solid ground

I can turn around every situation by applying my knowledge and overcoming my self doubts.
The solution is within reach, though yet unseen.
Progress towards the final solving of a problem.
Cut though the blindfold of your own preconceptions to see the way forward.

** Wheel of Fortune.

Major Arcana - Why?, archetypal energies, lesson to be learned
Number: 10 - new cycle, fullfillment
Element: Fire

This card is called the Round Table in the Hallowquest Tarot, so the synthesis is a little different from what I'd usually say about that card.


Council that will support you through you endeavours, but it will go through a cycle like the world itself.
Look beyond the mundane to reveal the cosmic pattern.
There is a time for everything; watch out for the alignment.
Put what you go through into perspective; see the bigger picture.

** Ace of Cups.

Aces - Where?, realm of greatest potential, beginnings, fundamental energies
Element - Grail (Cups) - Water, Autumn: emotion, abundance, spiritual joy
Number - One - new and unique aspect, potential, beginning, skill

This card is called the Grail Hallow in the Hallowquest Tarot.


The great chance to find spiritual joy if you develop your gifts wisely.
The greatest potential lies now in the realm of emotions, open up to what is given to you.
Enjoy the abundance of this time with an open heart and a fresh mind.
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7.1-2 Synthesis for the chosen card

Card IV Arthur (Emperor) from Arthurian/Hallowquest

Major Arcana - Why?, archetypal energies, lesson to be learned
Number: Four - Stability, foundations, determination, structure
Element best describing my card, from step 6: Wands/Earth - a spiritual leader, initiating new things, but establishing and consolidating them into a new order.

The fundamental lesson Arthur has to teach is how to build a kingdom of stability and order from the chaotic battle. How to forge a reliable foundation through authority, with foresight and responsibility.
I set down the rules that constitute the realm.
My reign is reliable and just.
I create order and protection, so security can abound.

7.1-3 Further synthesis

From earlier steps:
I need to keep myself open for new ideas, or stagnation will result.
I must not abuse my power of legislation.
The lonelisess of the task can be lessened by being aware of its importance.
Strive for legitimate power only.
Value the signs and symbolf of sovereignity, for they have power too.
It is possible to enjoy power, but it is also possible to become corrupted by it.

How this relates to my life right now:

I think my leadership style is very much like that of Arthur. It was possible for me to motivate my staff and maintain a productive structure. However, times are changing, and it is necessary to make adaptions. Since I will not change my values fundamentally nor corrupt my scope of competencies, it is time to move on and try something new.
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... sorry, double post!
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Morwena, I could really feel the power of this card in your Step 7-2. Very much an assertive guiding hand.
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I love how you board name goes with your deck!! You really put a lot of effort into this step !!
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Hi Aulruna!

That first card of yours, The Stone Maiden (Page of Pents) is rather intense and nothing like a "page", lol!
Also, I was amazed at how different your 8 of Swords is. When you mentioned the removal of the blindfold, that made sense, but when I saw the card...just an open field and one sword, had me thinking, still thinking, uuumm.
Your chosen card, Authur-The Emperor, again, very different, but IMO, a better version. He seems more relaxed with who he is, not the hard ass of RWS. I too enjoyed your step 7, very revealing...I like how you are more than willing to move forward to another adventure instead of staying in the comfort zone, kudos to you!
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Wow, thank you for the feedback... yes, it was quite a learning curve in this step!
But I've also come to love the version of the Emperor in the Arthurian/Hallowquest with its focus on the leadership and also the connection with the land.

The Minors showing just landscapes and places are seemingly tough to read with, but after a while, you can get into a meditative state with them, and images will start showing. A very interesting experience, and intense too.

Btw, I've changed my username, but kept the Avatar for now, so everyone on the boards will still recognize me ;-)

The change was mainly because by using my real name, the posts of a more private nature can be found by people completely unrelated to this board.
Aulruna is one of the Valkyries.
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