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ADEPT LEVEL STEP TEN; 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card

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Hello All,

I was stuck on exactly what i should do. It seems we only have 10:3 for 3 cards for our project. i shall have thi completed tonight or early tomorrow.

Thank you all.
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Adept 10:3
Tarot of Dreams

5 of Wands

Literal: Going somewhere hot, Beware of men with sticks, competition, going to a show with half naked men

Allegorical: fives are challenges and wands are fire-will power, passion, and spiritual force Learn to be more direct with your energy, focus, fighting your self

Moral: violence is not always the answer so choose your fights wisely

Spiritual: you feel spirituality challenged, a spiritual disconnect, learn to meditate

The Emperor

Literal: Stand for what you believe in, this s a time to be serious. if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything.

Allegorical: the archetype of emperor is the farther of rules , order, boundaries

Moral: it is important to understand the spirit of rules; not a stickler on the word of law, laws with out moral values is not honorable at all

Spiritual: our moral code can come from our spiritual background. The law of higher power is the supreme law, also might refer to karma..

The Moon

Literal: Bats are in this card so bats in the belfry can work. A dog and wolf are in the for ground so possible pets going crazy or pet crazy

Allegorical: from the moon we get Luna and lunacy, moon has related to emotions and water in many cultures. Also dreams and subconscious

Moral illusion verse reality there are 3 sides to a story his her and what really happened.

Spiritual: from my spiritual tradition, we can all relate to our higher power in dreams abd subconscious, the other side as Michael Harner used to say is real.
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Dave looks again at 10:3

Its been awhile for me since doing this step. Reading Coyoteblacks posting, I had some different thoughts about the Moon in particular, and about all of the cards in terms of how the Fey Tarot portrays the cards.

The Fey 5/WANDS shows five playful Fey swinging on a rope slung over the branch of a tree, two on each end of the rope, one sitting on the branch. Each rope-end has two Fey, one warm-flame colored, one blue-cool colored, with the final fey on the branch being warm-flame colored.

** In a literal or physical sense, they are having fun doing the same thing, yet each is doing their activity alone. The rope links them all, yet their actions are mostly their independent.
** In an allegorical sense, accomplishment depends upon each doing their part.
** In a moral/ethical sense they are all willing to share or await their turn, recognizing that each has an opportunity, each has to wait for the moment to favor them.
** In a spiritual sense, each accepts that play and diversion is good for the body while the mind opens to accepting spontaneous awarenesses and makes associations that affect both play and living life.

The Fey EMPEROR sits upright on a stone throne which floats in the air, his feet resting on another floating stone, his sword nearby --- impaled on another floating stone, a pet unicorn with wings sits on another floating stone. He is dressed in decorative armour, has close-cropped blond hair and his eyes are looking to the side at the unicorn.

** In a literal/physical sense, he and the heavy stones are defying gravity.
** In an allegorical sense the weight of the world is all quite manageable for him, he has no need to directly control the things that are his. They are his for the taking if they are needed.
** A moral/ethical view is that ownership is merely a convenience, that we only own ourselves, our actions, our values, our decisions, our satisfaction.
** A spiritual view might be that what ever is around us is both there for a shared purpose and an existing independent purpose. Multiple levels of being and purpose and development are all co-mingled.

The Fey MOON shows a Fey-Hunter kneeling in the moon-lit night, looking at the full Moon, holding a staff with a large waxing (from the side we see in the card) sickle-Moon at the staff-tip. On the ground before him we see stick- drawn lines, including a crescent Moon within a Sun-like circle. While his clothes are hunter-like, they also are a bit overly colorful, a red hat with feathers, a red sash richly decorated, large silver discs hanging from his belt. As one looks at the card more closely, the Fey seems to take on a role of a woodland priest of some sort.

** The physical impact of the card suggests one who is at home in the wild and has a deep respect for nature, yet is not afraid of the night and its fears. He is there to meditate or worship. His staff suggests that others follow him.
** The allegorical sense of this Moon card is that we are at our best when we are part of nature and the world we inhabit.
** The moral/ethical view of this card relates to doing what is needed to honor all that supports us in our life's quest.
** The spiritual story is we are a part of the world so that we can experience what the world has to teach us.

Again, I am amazed at how different and how similar our various decks and cards are in their messages. In her book, Tarot Wisdom, Rachel Pollack notes that in many cards the "Four" of the Emperor is put forth by having him sit on a cube. Here he sits and is accompanied by four rocks or groupings of rocks. Her books shows several examples of the Moon card, almost all of which have the dog and wolf prowling around --- as in Coyoteblack's card. With the bats flying overhead, I would see that card as indicating that each of us hunts and sustains ourselves in our own environment, and within that environment there is nothing to fear. Most Five of Wands cards/decks show crossed staves in one form or another, suggesting conflict, disagreement gone beyond mere words. It is interesting that the Fey Tarot depicts this card so differently. Yes, there is action, each for themselves, but those actions are not intrusive on others but actually more accommodating. But, then that's the Fey Tarot, bridging the physical and spiritual, trying to lead us to seeing our world from a slightly different place.

So, Coyoteblack, this posting is both for me and for you, to show our support for your catching-up effort. It's about time for me to start thinking about my next step. Dave
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Thank you Dave for the support, I look forward to the group support to finish my step and it makes being the caboose more fun to deal with.
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Originally Posted by coyoteblack
For the adept 10 steps we are doing step 10:3 for 2 cards plus our own. But how do we do the 10:4 in written form? are we just to keep that in back of our minds as we progress through the rest of the book?
I found this to be a step which we will each do differently, and as such it will depend on what you choose to do on how you would document it here or in your journal.

For me I am doing a tarot deck/book set per month. I will come here once a month and do a very general post on what I have learned, and compare my Moon card to the deck of the month's Moon card.

First decide what you want to do, and then how you could best update us on your progress. Could just a monthly post saying you did blah blah, and found X as a result. Again, it will be personal and based on what you choose to do.

Dave, reading what you said about the Fey Moon I cannot wait to get home and go pull it out and compare it to my own Lady Owl. I like the different perspective to the card you found. The full moon is also a source of light for a person traveling at night when there is no other light.
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Activity 10:4 Follow-Up

OK I am doing good so far since I have committed to going through a deck and companion book a month as my Activity 10:4. 2 months down, 2 decks/companion books

Deck: Alchemical Renewed
Book: The Alchemical Tarot (by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Robert M. Place - original companion book to the Alchemical Tarot)

This is one of the most intersting and fascinating companion boooks I have ever read. The alchemical theme opens a whole new perspective to the tarot in terms of structure and meaning. I really wish they would have had the same level of detail for the minors as they did for the majors. The spread and meditation section of the book was really interesting and is definelty something I would like to try out some time.

The book is a real gem and trully explains the imagery of cards transforming some possibly disturbing images (new Lovers card and Star card) into something very beautiful, deep, and meaningful.

This deck is not a cookie cutter version of the RWS and has given some new perspectives on card meanings and interpretations.

The Alchemical Renewed (AR) Moon card shows a lady walking at night on a river bank. On one side of her is a brown dog laying down and facing forward. On the other a white dog standing up and looking back. The lady wears a 1/4 moon above her brow, carries the waxing moon in her left hand, and a stff with a flame in her right. She is barefoot. The river is to her left. The wanning moon is in the black sky accompanied by a crab (symbol of Cancer). There are dense clouds behind her in the sky.

The AR Moon card seems more active than the FM moon card. It is more serene and depicts a sense of clarity in darkness, an understanding. The FM Moon is somber and passive. The AR Moon is set in nature, the FM Moon is outside but in a building (on a balcony of sorts). Perhaps there is a body of water on the other side of the veranda in the FM. Other than the flame, shown on the AR Moon, the colors in both cards are very similar. Both have the dense clouds. The FM Moon shows a full moon, the AR depicts 3 moons on it one waxing, one waining, one 1/4 moon as a head adornment connnecting the figure to the moon.

The book meaning for The Moon in the AR is very positive and strong, "the night before dawn." It talks of patience, rest, and reflection, where moon energies can compel us to enter the water of the unconscious, the heart of the mystery. The Moon is depicted as a level of mastery where we control our actions due to being aware of psychological influences, whereas others are not. We are purified and ejoy freedom of choice in our activities and should show patient acceptance of the activities of others.

In this context, the FM Moon almost embodies the complete opposite. Somone confused adn trapped in the dense clouds. Someone in denial, someone trapped within themselves and their own habits and addictions. The full moon itself in the FM is the one with the awareness and patience. Perhpas the use of the owl as the main figure in the card denotes the wisdom, meaning she will make it through the darkness.

I really like the symbolism of teh AR Moon. It has expanded my view of this card. It has made me see much more in my card than what I thought was there, even after spending a year and working 17 steps with it!

The deck/book I will be using for March is the Deidre of Sorrows (Tarot Unlocked), which Faunabay has kindly loaned me. Also, I finally went back today and edited my January post to add my Moon Card comparison piece.
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Adept Level 10

physical = literal = it is what it is. exactly what is represented. perceived through the senses.

allegorical = everything symbolizes something else. find relationships. like, as, equals, denotes, signifies, represents,

indicates. the numbers, suits, symbols, and cards.

moral = advice. should/shouldn't/ ethical intent

spiritual = higher purpose, what is the lesson? what is the deeper truth?

-- a struggle, trying to work as a team but too many conflicts.
-- creative ideas in turmoil, a dance of compromise, like building a house without a plan.
-- don't begin a project without a good plan, know who you are working with.
-- when any group of people intend to work together, there must be allowance for each to take an active part.


-- a strong man, sitting in a chair and in firm command of the situation.
-- with antlers on his head, animal strength and cunning; a bright cloak on his shoulders, representing his active nature;

surrounded by the symbols of strength and power and authority; the leader.
-- Rules. Authority. Do only what you should do. Big Brother is watching.
-- What higher power do you answer to? What would that higher power think about what you are doing?

Wheel of Fortune
-- drawing a line in the sand, focus on task at hand, afternoon at the beach, putting your ideas down on paper
-- circles, wheels, cycles; what goes around, comes around; being fully involved in what is going on; inside circle; being in the know.
-- stay within the lines, keep it even and equal and balanced
-- let events flow around you; you are the center of your life; outside the circle there may be chaos, but inside the circle, you are in charge.
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