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Tarot of Prague Café Club - Page Wands

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Tarot of Prague Café Club - Page Wands

Just look at that mosaic tile floor! For some reason my eye is drawn to it. This page looks like I would imagine a Roman to look and I suppose the tile floor just completes the image in my head. The Romans were innovative and creative, their invasions took them all around the globe. I always think of this page as being a traveller so that suits me too! (before you remind me that we are in Prague, I obviously know that, but I can't get the Romans out of my head now, so if it works for me then I'm happy!).

The page holds his strong wand firmly, the lush growth just oozes potential. The orange/red tunic is belted and symbolises an effort to control or contain his energy. He is, afterall, a page and so is still learning to channel his energy effectively.

The little cherub sat on his shoulder holding the envelopes is an obvious inference to a message so expect the arrival of news. This little cherub holds out his arm as if to encourage the page or it may be that they are just friends. In a reading this could mean that he has the backing of friends or support?

The nest on his head, complete with dove, is a reminder that he is capable of hatching a plan. White doves symbolise peace, calm and purity. The saying 'free as a bird' is a reference to this pages spirit and freedom.

There are several clocks in this image which I need to ponder on a little more.

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Looking at the card, I think of Hermes/Mercury (the god) and those courrier people who are in bicycle delivering urgent messages.
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Little Baron 

I like this guy [is it a guy? I suppose it doesn't necessarily have to be].

He looks as though he is starting out. The beginning of a journey, maybe suggesting that adventure and excitement are ripe. The leaves on his wand are fresh. The cherub looks like a small baby. The dove is white and has built a nest. Things are in their early stages. As is this page. He is about youth and vibrancy. About beginning to walk on this fresh road, but also about re-starting over, should you need to.

I see the messager idea too. News on the way. I look at the birdsnest and wonder if, because of his ranking, it suggests that he does not have a grounded position in life yet. An explorer. A wanderer. He moves about with no anchor or base.

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