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Sweet Twilight - The Emperor

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Sweet Twilight - The Emperor

The Emperor looks very scary to me. He is divided in two and the LWB says it is because he is perfectly balanced. The way I see him is he is schizophrenic and divided in two so the other side doesnīt know what the other side does! I donīt think I would trust this guy..
The Earth on his chest is beautiful and it is the only thing that unifies him. He has crown on both sides but the sceptre is only on the other side.
What are the figures behind him on the background? Are they his friends or allies?
I think this card is quite a mystery..
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Universal Harmony 

The imagery on that card look likes an ability to balance even polar opposites. It sort of looks like a merge between animal and human like qualities. Those are just a few things I see in that particular card, but that's just me. I really like the artwork though. As for the background characters, they could be both a friend and an ally. One is set in day and the other is set is dusk. One has nice clothing on and one has nothing on at all. They could even be looked at as helpers of the Emperor. I guess those are all the things that I see.
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I see it as an attempt to reconcile two things and keep them in balance as well - something an Emperor would, I imagine, need to do.
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My first impression is "Lord of the land" but in a more serious way than RWS. Not sure that makes sense. But that image does jump out at you. More like a battle Lord than keeper of the lands kind of Lord. Make sense??

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In the RW deck, The Emperor wear robes with armour underneath showing that he is an experienced fighter as well as a just ruler. Battle is ugly and involves killing people and yet and rulership has to involve compassion for his people. The Emperor can see both sides of war and take part in them both in order to bring balance and rule with fairness

I suppose the Sweet Twilight is amplifying this aspect.
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In this card, the Emperor's face looks like an alien on one side, and on that side is a little figure dressed in a human's suit and top hat behind him. On the side where the Emperor's face looks human, there's that little "being" that looks like a naked alien behind him on that side.
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I just had this in my reading, I think it wants a balance between the strong masculinity of the Emperor and other traits of a softer nature.
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