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Finding your soulmate spread

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Question wha?

I am so lost.... what are the minor, major, court, aces.... and how do you separate them? and What is timing... I sooooo need a beginner class
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Check your library for any Mary Greer's books there. The site is very good for basics too.

The deck is broken into sections -- majors and minors. The minors are in 4 suits. Each suit is Ace through 10 as a progression, and then 4 court cards which are young to old/beginner to established adult. The majors are a journey also, from Fool to the very end, different stages of learning.
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Four Aces 
Soul Mate Spread


I have been using this spread which I really like, but I wondered if you generally see the court cards as energies or as male/female. I did this for a male recently and his soul mate came up as the King of Swords, a masculine energy. I told him this and said his soul mate has a masculine or dominant energy. How would you see this please? Thanks, four aces
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What a Great Spread!

I just used this spread for two readings, one for myself and another for my best friend- and it looks to be a brilliant layout!
One thing that stood out for both these readings was that the Court Card (type of person your soulmate is) and the Ace card (how to impress them) belonged to the same suit both times.
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So I tried the spread

My court was the knight (personality) Good so far.

The Minor was the Ten of Swords( how will we meet) Not sure about that one

The Ace's I got the Ace of Cup (How to charm him) I like that one!

Major was the Devil (Advice) Ok I'm not sure about this one but these are my results.
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