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what are you looking for in a tarot book ?

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Join Date: 31 May 2002
Location: ontario
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what are you looking for in a tarot book ?

i currently have 30 tarot books,
and i am beginning to feel that there is nothing new under the sun,
is there something new to write about the tarot at this stage ?

originally i was picking out books based on their reviews on amazon, thinking that i was getting a nice wide approach to the tarot from many differnt points of view.

yet as i realize now that most tarot comes from the golden dawn , and the gold dawn was heavily influenced by the marsielles.

i have looked at the tarot through numerology ,
astrology (no more tarot and astrology books to order sigh)
psychology (that is still interesting ,
i am looking at tarot through a looking glass, and the book off tarot passages here,

it is the only book i know that explores the marsilles from a psychology point of view (and besides the qabalistic tarot explores the marsilles period )

there is still qabbalah and tarot left to explore,
example i have to study the paths in great detail.
and i am looking for this rare out of print book,
archetypes on the tree of life,,
(i mean who wants to pay over 50 dollars for a book ?)

i saw on ebay that it came upon a midnight clear was going cheap ,, until the first auction went up to 50 dollars,, and so did the next auction,, and now the ones automally have a higher bid requirement of over 30 dollars.
and so they have done the same to the books i been seeking waaah ,

it is like they are holding gun to my prized books head saying
if you want this book fork over a 50 dollars,,
heck in canadian that is almost 70 dollars.

so for what are you looking for in a tarot book ?
if you are just starting out into the tarot what kind of books are you looking for ,
for me i took the books for deck book .
and the as much books as possible route lol (that is after i look at the tarot books in the store for i didn't do internet shopping in 90s lol )

what kind of book do you wish was published ?
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Diana  Diana is offline
Join Date: 01 Jan 2002
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I think right now the only book I need is the Tarot itself.

And often I find that the 22 Major chapters are quite sufficient study for this life-time.
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Join Date: 31 May 2002
Location: ontario
Posts: 5,395
i hear you ,,

i have trouble seeing tarot itself as a book, i do see it as a teaching,,
but i would see it as 78 seperate books :O)

it occurs to me , that possibly the reasons why i asked this book ,
is how best to explain my system , (extended system of numerology ) with the astrology court cards in the minors (from the decanates )

perhaps lon milo is the best example of a good concise book..
but i am no concise writer, however , if was to look at important points that people think is important maybe i can start somewhere,
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Join Date: 11 Aug 2003
Location: Ontario, Canada
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re books

Hi Holmes,

as I'm fairly new to tarot, and learning ....a book that I would be interested in purchasing would cover the symbols, keywords, as well as reinforcement /hinderance, reversals (for those who use them), more in depth astrology in relation to tarot and last but not least the elements and how/why it affects the card.

LWB are great but, they are just too little for my liking.
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bangbang  bangbang is offline
Join Date: 01 Nov 2003
Location: B.C.S. Mexico
Posts: 66

I have lots of Tarot books as you may know by now. lol.

And one of the best books I´ve seen is the Rabbi´s Tarot

by Daphna Moore(the title and cover are misleading), but it´s

a complete explanation of the esoteric meanings of the RWS, it

doesn´t deal with divination.

I think it´s a much underappreciated book, and I strongly suggest you

to get one while there´s a chance, you won´t find anything like it.

The other one that covers everysingle aspect of the Tarot is

O´Neills, so you just have to worry for the first one.
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HOLMES  HOLMES is offline
Join Date: 31 May 2002
Location: ontario
Posts: 5,395
i hear you

i have that book , i have trouble studying it , it is like pearls are revealed every time but i have to be attracted to reading it in order to get something from it .

i have that happen with several books.

the book to get is the cermonial tarot magick by lon milo duqutte, besides the qabalistic tarot . from what i can reccomend over here on my end.
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Join Date: 14 Feb 2002
Location: England
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Hi Holmes,

I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that there is no 'perfect' tarot book unless you write it yourself. I have many I use for reference, some using numerology, kabbalah, keywords - I must, like you, have over 30plus books. Some of them are deck specific - 'Mirror of the Soul', 'Keywords for the Crowley'. I go out of the way to get the companion books for the decks I own, some are excellent others are lacking. But the main thing is that I get something from every book I have. I use them for reference, take infomation from some, disagree with information in others lol and make my own notes. Some authors have very strange ideas on what certain cards mean to them but when joined with information from other books they make for very interesting reading and new perspectives.

I hope when finished I have learned from these books, made my own reference book and will understand tarot alot better than I do now. Plus I have a nice collection of interesting books for my bookcase.
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I look for a book that is written in plain speaking. I find some of them so overwhelming that they just sit on the shelf. When I first started there wasn't much of a choice in reference material.
The first book I bought that made some sense to me was Tarot Plain and Simple.. when I saw that title and flipped through the pages I knew that was a must for me, because I was feeling pretty "plain and simple".
Now there seems to be a whole new world of books out there.. and I love to read, so I have quite a few on my shel ( that I need to find time for) and a really big mental list of ones I want.
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