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Julie Gillentine's Tarot and Dream Interpretation

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Julie Gillentine's Tarot and Dream Interpretation

This is my commentary that includes some notes about the use of the DeAngelis Universal Tarot from Lo Scarabeo--I really like the mini version of this deck and wanted to revisit this book as well.

I was fascinated enough to gather a few links:

For a Llewellyn "Tarot Topics" book, this has 219 pages and includes illustration from only one tarot, the Universal Tarot by Robert De Angelis from Lo Scarabeo.

I seem to be enjoying this most because it collects many pieces of information on 'dreamwork' and it suggests many alternatives that wouldn't occur to me just looking at the Lo Scarabeo deck. After reading the reviews and looking at the structure of the book, I get the sense that a Thoth-style deck could have also been used effectively to illustrate some of the examples.

But strangely enough, the prettiness of the Universal Tarot pictures add to the creative interest for the book to me, even if the book and deck also differ in some details, such as descriptions of main colors for the court cards. My example would be, for the queens: Julie Gillentine describes main colors for each : queen of wands is yellow; queen of cups is blue-green; queen of swords is violet, and queen of pentacles is red-orange.

In the Lo Scarabeo deck, De Angelis has gorgeous delicate blues and soft pink sleeves on the queen of pentacles, athough the ground in front of her has a wash of delicate orange. The queen of swords is in beautiful green with a pink-coral sash, although the sky in back of her is a pale lavendar. The queen of chalices is in a soft icy white and blue with a yellow cape and the queen of wands is wearing yellow and soft orange among a field of sunflowers and blue sky. So the main colors for the Queens in Julie Gillentine's book only appear as pretty accents in the De Angelis deck...

Maybe it is effective to me as a reminder of the unreal but interesting work that one can do with dreams only as a 'starting point' for creative exercises.

I may have duplicated an earlier thread, but I couldn't find the original posting that I may have done as I looked into this book and the deck
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