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Harsh Truths Spread

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Ooh, good job. I like that one. I think that there are many of us who would benefit from staring the harsh truth in the face. lol!
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I have to say that this is fast becoming a favorite spread. So clear and easy to interpret!

Used it for my friend who is in a fairly new relationship and her BF has been diagnosed with a 'fairly debilitating illness. The relationship has ben rocky, but they are crazy about each other.

So here it is:
1 - Emporer
2 - IX Wands
3 - IV Swords
4 - The Sun
5 - Knight of Cups
6 - II Pentacles.

Change the outcome card: The Fool.

Anyone is welcome to offer their interpretation... perhaps if more appropriate stick it in the 'readings' section.

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Super spread~! Thank you!
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Luminessence, I'm definitely going to keep this one in mind for next year's Tarot Lover's Calendar, if you'll let us use it! It is really terrific! Thanks for sharing!
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Luminessence, I used this spread and I found that it not only gave me the "harsh truth", but it also helped me accept it. Thank you for this spread.
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I've just tried this spread too, with fascinating results. Interpriting was a lot of work but I acctually came away with a new take on a couple of cards I always find tricky to read.

Thanks for sharing it Luminessence, I think this is one I will be using a lot!
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Join Date: 16 Oct 2002
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I really like this spread too. Sometimes it's so hard to get past interpreting the cards the way you want them to be. I tried it with a deck that I haven't used much - Victoria Regina. It's black and white, and so was the reading. Thank you so much for sharing.
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Join Date: 09 Jul 2004
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Just wanted to add an update....

Well, I have just arrived home after a visit to friends. I took my morgan greer deck with me and a handful of new spreads that I wanted to try out. Luckily, they are more than happy to let me experiment on them

Anyway, everybody came up with questions and in the majority of cases, we decided that the harsh truthes spread was the one to use.

3 hours, a box of tissues and a bottle or two of wine later and I have to say that using this spread turned up some of my most accurate and useful readings to date.

Thanks Lumminessence, this spread is an absolute gem!
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I love this spread I just did a reading using the Osho Zen tarot and it was an amazing reading. Great Job.

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oh wow, good spread. I just read with it for myself. Maybe will post results...
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