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How the other person feels about a potential relationship with you spread

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xKam's Avatar
xKam  xKam is offline
Join Date: 30 Dec 2008
Location: Valley of the Sun, USA
Posts: 508

WOW!!! All I have to say if I LOVE this spread - it was amazingly accurate and made me really, really look deep into some questions and all views and angles possible.

Wow! Definitely saving this for later! Thanks so much!
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Nytebugg's Avatar
Nytebugg  Nytebugg is offline
Join Date: 01 Jun 2009
Location: United States
Posts: 3,926

This is a fantastic spread.
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whittles  whittles is offline
Join Date: 21 Mar 2011
Location: Iowa, United States
Posts: 1,444

Just did this spread with my rider waite deck and it really hit the nail on the head, I see it has done that for about everyone else too. Good spread!
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cheekysage  cheekysage is offline
Join Date: 20 Jan 2009
Location: fl usa
Posts: 3

lovely spread! very clear
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Sar's Avatar
Sar  Sar is offline
Join Date: 21 Nov 2006
Location: Norway
Posts: 3,931

Love this one, thank you.
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StarScream's Avatar
StarScream  StarScream is offline
Join Date: 16 Apr 2012
Location: Toronto, Canada
Posts: 1,106

I really love this reading. Very clear and concise. Although a few times I posted here for others opinions
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Damian  Damian is offline
Join Date: 30 Aug 2011
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Posts: 59

I tried it with a recent lost love and it seems promising... however I don't really believe it's going to happen. Nice spread though.
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Vess  Vess is offline
Join Date: 13 Mar 2013
Location: AB, CA
Posts: 6

Tried this spread for a guy I was particularly into. After receiving news today, I realised just how accurate it really was. Sadly, this does not work out in my favor, but that's just how it is.
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Goldkind's Avatar
Goldkind  Goldkind is offline
Join Date: 16 Mar 2013
Location: lego
Posts: 2,472

I tried and it works! Thanks a lot! It pointed out very directly the answer. It isnt to much complicated and there are not too less cards for understandig the evidence.

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Annabloem's Avatar
Annabloem  Annabloem is offline
Join Date: 30 Mar 2010
Location: Japan
Posts: 159

I just tried it and it seems very accurate Thank you very much for posting this here, I'll definitely use this again in the future. /added it to my journal
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