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Interest in a Deviant Moon Study Group?

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Cosmic Ray 

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I hear you, Onyx. That would be a real treat to have something like that. I have 2 decks and was thinking about framing a whole deck. Now I am convinced to do it. I would also love prints from the deck to frame. I would grab those in a heartbeat.
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bumble bee 

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deviant moon

Count me in.
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I'm back! will post tonight.
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me too
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I love this card

Originally Posted by Cosmic Ray
Hi Redflash. welcome to Deviant 101!
I think there is so much to look at and we need a place to start! Onyx, you have me wondering about that Death card now. My question is why is it the only trump unnamed? There is a sinking sailing vessel in the back, looks like the sails are torn. (I see that same ship in the world, but intact.) There is a small child being held back by it's mother? WHat does the child want? Death looks pregnant, how great is that? This death card also does not have the signature eye pattern as the rest of the deck, in fact, it is the only one lacking it. Interesting. I also notice the sea is black, and the sky is of a very rough texture, maybe a storm? Gosh, I could go on and on. Thoughts?
The missing caption "Death" was the first anomally I identified when looking through the cards. I also noticed right away that the kid wants back in - I'd be saying no way too I think...especially if I were obviously pregnant again...

I love this deck overall because it seems so obvious and blunt.

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I'm in! I absolutely love my Deviant Moon deck, even though a lot of the imagery does not have the traditional symbols of the RWS, the message still comes through strikingly clear. I'd be happy to explore my observations of this great deck!

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swimming in tarot 

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Hi! I haven't received my Deviant Moon deck, it's somewhere in the mail, but I think I'd enjoy sharing thoughts with others on its non-standard images. They're part of the reason I got the deck, after all!
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Yay! This would be perfect since I'm studying DM right now. I'm interested, and will definitely keep an eye out.
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I love this deck and would love to join in the study of it, but I'm new and not 100% certain about how this works. Do I just pick a card from the index of threads for this study group and post my thoughts on the card?
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believer in magic

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Originally Posted by Adrasteia
I love this deck and would love to join in the study of it, but I'm new and not 100% certain about how this works. Do I just pick a card from the index of threads for this study group and post my thoughts on the card?
Hi Adrasteia,

Welcome to Tarot Study Groups .

Yes, that's about it, add to the existing threads or begin a thread on a card not yet covered and let me know by private message so that I can add the thread to the index (if you PM me it makes sure that I don't miss your thread).

You may also find this thread useful (if you haven't already read it): Thinking of starting a study group? Guidelines - please read

If you need any help just drop me a line .

Sulis - Tarot Study Groups moderator
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