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Devil as Travel?

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Devil as Travel?

I got a reading a while back, she used Thoth. She pulled the Devil card and said it had to do with creative energy and I would be traveling. Out of 78 cards she pulled the Devil both times. She made it a point to mention that to me.

So my question is, how does the Thoth Devil relate to travel? I'm not familiar with this deck, is that a normal interpretation of that card? I realize that other cards around it will make an influence but I was wondering if people read the Devil as a form of travel and why that would be.

Thank you!
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Nah. I wouldnt do it, not from a one card reading. There would have to be a LOT of other cards and aspects for me to give that interpretation.
- The naughty thought was .... your going to hell
[Just a bit of AT Thoth thread humor]
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Originally Posted by ravenest
The naughty thought was .... your going to hell
[Just a bit of AT Thoth thread humor]
Oh I already knew that!
Ha ha. Thanks for your response!
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Uh, you're going someplace tropical? Tierra del Fuego? Visiting a volcano?
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taken from The Symbolism of the Tarot by P.D. Ouspensky:

"Black, awful night enveloped the earth. An ominous, red flame burned in the distance. I was approaching a fantastic figure which outlined itself before me as I came nearer to it. High above the earth appeared the repulsive red face of the Devil, with large, hairy ears, pointed beard and curved goats' horns. A pentagram, pointing downwards, shone in phosphoric light between the horns on his forehead. Two large, grey, bat-like wings were spread behind him. He held up one arm, spreading out his bare, fat hand. In the palm I saw the sign of black magic. A burning torch held down-end in his other hand emitted black, stifling smoke. He sat on a large, black cube, gripping it with the claws of his beast-like, shaggy legs.

A man and woman were chained to the cube--the same Man and Woman I saw in the garden, but now they had horns and tails tipped with flame. And they were evidently dissatisfied in spirit, and were filled with protest and repulsion.

"This is a picture of weakness", said the voice, "a picture of falsehood and evil. They are the same man and

p. 52

woman you saw in the garden, but their love ceasing to be a sacrifice, became an illusion. This man and woman forgot that their love is a link in the chain that unites them with eternity, that their love is a symbol of equilibrium and a road to Infinity.

"They forgot that It is a key to the gate of the magic world, the torch which lights the higher Path. They forgot that Love is real and immortal and they subjugated it to the unreal and temporary. And they each made love a tool for submitting the other to himself.

"Then love became dissension and fettered them with iron chains to the black cube of matter, on which sits deceit".

And I heard the voice of the Devil: "I am Evil", he said, "at least so far as Evil can exist in this best of worlds. In order to see me, one must be able to see unfairly, incorrectly and narrowly. I close the triangle, the other two sides of which are Death and Time. In order to quit this triangle it is necessary to see that it does not exist.

"But how to do this is not for me to tell. For I am the Evil which men say is the cause of all evil and which they invented as an excuse for all the evil that they do.

"They call me the Prince of Falsehood, and truly I am the prince of lies, because I am the most monstrous production of human lies"."


The imagery of bats and bat-wings are particularly strong and apt to me. The Devil is said to take the spirit of the earth-mouse/bat. This is a creature that also relates to travel, migratory/nomadic paths, flight, caves, and tropics.
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I wouldn't read the Devil as travel unless there was a lot of other cards saying something similar. Unless of course your special-friend lives overseas, and it was a long distance booty call In which case the devil might get you in a plane alright

I'd agree more with the Devil as the urge to do something dynamic and creative.
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I agree with ravenest. A one card draw isn't a lot to go on.

Having said that, how might the Devil be related to travel? Well the Devil corresponds to the sign of Capricorn, the sea-goat. So land and sea could be indicated there. Does that indicate travel? Maybe, maybe not.

One of the gods associated with this card is Priapus. At one time he was the patron god of sailors. But then again it may point to another aspect of Priapus / The Devil. Maybe the reader just had a good sense of humour.
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Basic Elements 

I have a hard time finding any way to relate the meaning of this card to travel. I would not interpret it in this way.
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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law!

Hello everybody,

I think the way to link the devil to travel is by thinking of the temptation of Christ by the devil in the desert. Of course there was a physical travel by Jesus to the desert, but more important: it was an initiation by the devil. He will seduce you with beautiful promises. Whether he keeps them or not: as long as you bow for him you will not travel further on the road to your promised land.

So, the travel that's meant is most of the time a spiritual one (although physical travel can be an integral part of it). But if you can resist the devil a beautiful new world will open itself for you

By the way: that doesn't mean that the devil is 'bad'. He's just someone who does his job to see if you're fit to go further on your journey.

Love is the law, love under will.

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Originally Posted by Marcia959
Uh, you're going someplace tropical? Tierra del Fuego? Visiting a volcano?
Right, i can also think of couple of destinatios that could be described by the Devil (also maybe some countries ruled by Capricorn - don't take my word on it cause i don't know much there, but usually UK, India and Mexico are listed), while the Arcanum per se indicating travel... not really. Oh, of course, apart from the jourey ravenest is mentioning...
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