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RWS Minors & numerology

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RWS Minors & numerology

Numerous authors have corresponded the RWS Minors with numerology (such as that one Llewellyn paperback with the key phrases, forget the author), and I came across this set of numerology meanings and compared it with the RWS images ... most of them correspond but some not at all. (Another resource for connecting numerology to RWS meanings is the Pythagorean tarot book.)

#1 powerful, positive, originate, invent

#2 evil, obedient, quiet, gentle, modest, sensitive, unsure, depression, Devil, malice, duplicity

#3 lucky, lively, sparkling, charming, talkative, ostentacious, talented, witty, happy, lavish
Wands-cooperation, end of troubles,
Cups-solace, merriment
Swords-alienation (no fit)
Pents-skilled labour, renown

#4 earth, gloomy, solid, uninspired, hard-working, plodding, steady, cautious, conservative, poverty, defeat
Wands-repose, concord, prosperity (no fit, suggestion: rewards of hard work)
Cups-disgust, aversion, satiety (fits: gloomy, uninspired)
Swords-exile, economy, precaution
Pents-surety, cleaving

#5 clever, jumpy, energetic, optimistic, versatile, sex, impulsive, erratic, irresponsible, risky, boastful, lurid
Wands-struggle, strife, sport (fits: jumpy, energetic)
Cups-loss, but something remains over (suggestion: erratic or mixed results)
Swords-disdainful, dishonour (fits: impulsive, boastful, lurid)
Pents-material troubles, lovers

#6 well-balanced, peaceful, worthy, dull, reliable, conventional, warm-hearted, kind, fussy, gossipy, narrow, domestic
Wands-laurel, triumph (fits: worthy)
Cups-garden, childhood, memories, enjoyment
Swords-ferryman, smooth course, proposal of love
Pents-goodness of heart, gifts, distributions to the needy

#7 mystical, private, retreat, philosophical, mind, reclusive, reserved, serious, dignified, sarcastic, aloof
Wands-eminence, valour, vantage, intellectual plane,discussions
Cups-vision, fantastic spirit, reflection, contemplation
Swords-design, wish (suggestion: reserve, concealed thoughts)
Pents-greenery,purgation (fits: usual interpretations of non-action, reserve)

#8 involvement, worldly, hustle and bustle, everyday, money-making, business, politics, hard-working
Wands-motion, activity in undertakings, swiftness, haste
Cups-desertion of enterprise (no fit)
Swords-violent chagrin, conflict (suggestion: politics, including office variety)
Pents-work, employment, business

#9 completion, spiritual achievement, visionary, energetic, emotional, passionate, duty, battles poverty etc., wild, impractical
Wands-expectant look, erect palisade, strength, formidable antagonist (suggestion: completion, ducks-in-row, finishing touches, ready for battle)
Cups-feast, wine, material victory, attainment, concord (fits: spiritual achievement)
Swords-lamentation, utter desolation (fits: passionate, suggestion: lost battle)
Pents-abundance, success, prudence (doesn't fit: wild, impractical)

#10 transition (general meaning)
Wands-clearing away, new sleight
Cups- domestic bliss, sharing results of 9 of Cups with family and friends
Swords -things can only get better from here, recovery, nadir
Pents-foundations, sharing results of 9 of Pents with family and friends, the old man is giving away the house and business
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