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Shadowscapes Study - Knight of Swords

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Shadowscapes Study - Knight of Swords

"The Knight of Swords is the brave hero who rushes headlong into conflict to defend his beliefs. He is blunt and comes directly to his point. Dissembling is not something he is capable of. This can be seen as a refreshing honesty and true loyalty or a lack of tact and discretion. He does not let emotion come between him and his purpose. An emotionless knight is fearless, invincible, and does not acknowledge the possibility of defeat. He does not back down once he had engaged, for he knows no other option but victory." -Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (little white book)

This card has the image of an armored man with a sword, riding a giant bird in a flock of various birds, through the night sky. We can see some familiar birds that man an appearance elsewhere in the deck such as the humming bird (surrounded by glowing light, reinforcing the idea that the hummingbird symbolizes hope) and the green headed bird that looks very similar to the bird The Sun card was riding. In fact, this card looks very, very, very similar to the sun card in general, excepted at night and of course a different man.

With the RWS depiction, I think SPEED and CHARGING. However, this card doesn't display that so much, and I have more of hard time connecting to this card than others in Shadowscapes. However, I think it does symbol the Knight of Swords very well. The Knight of Swords is a card of air on air, air in its purest personification. Well, he's riding on a flock of birds in the open sky. I don't know how more airy you can get.

And the speed factor, I like to think of it as an airplane. The airplane doesn't "feel" or "look" very fast but if you compare it to the earth bound modes of transportation, it leaves all of them in the dust. This Knight is faster than you realize. The CHARGING aspect in the man has been replaced with this "emotionless" character that Stephanie spoke of. He does seem a bit cocky in his posture. The charging aspecting can, however, be seen in the birds, as some of them look like they are readying to plunge down towards the light (reach the little hummingbird).

His less charging demeanor does illuminate his intelligence more. It seems to contradict the rashness this card can symbolize, but it works better is you equate court cards to the Keirsey personality classifications. The Knight of Swords would be the Inventor and is a devising character. I see that more in Shadowscapes than in RWS.
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Knight Of Swords; speed, agility, acuity.

The knight sits on a phoenix, the bird of rebirth and change. Surrounding him and flying into a wild vortex are a flock of swans. The nobility of spirit is throwing itself into a maelstrom as part of it's life journey. They are unafraid to go there because itís where they want to go. They are not victims but purposeful warriors on the journey of life. This is set against a moonless sky lit only by stars, perhaps a metaphor for the time of the dark moon, the time of rebirth. The Knight goes with them and he is not anxious but anticipatory, holding his sword aloft and testing itís metal for sharpness. He knows he will need all his mental acuity in order to surmount this challenge that he rides into. Many shadows and fears follow them into the vortex, many different souls journey with them. But at the precipice of it all one needs courage to simply make the journey, trusting in their own decisions, resources and will to see them through to the other side and their destination.

Past - In this layout the knight would be signifying a terrifying journey that at last is at an end. All the powers of intellect and willpower have been tested and the querent has come out the other side, knowing more fully in their own abilities. This is an intellectual card, signifying that the challenges are mostly mental ones, requiring insight, perspective and perceiving as the primary powers for the journey. Quickness of mind is indicated here as is the ability to turn tack, change direction and go with the flow of the hectic energies in the vortex.

Present - In the present situation you are preparing to take on a mental challenge. You will need to battle your fears, your doubts and test your mettle in the face of opposition as well as maintain sharp senses to see opportunity as it presents itself. There is nothing inherently unpleasant about this journey, it is one of your own choosing and making.

Future - Prepare to test yourself. Although the arrival of the Knight in the future indicates that you will not be making your journey unprepared or defenseless. You have everything you need, now is the time to be courageous and simply go where your beliefs tell you that you need to go. Into the vortex.
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