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Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan - 0 The Fool

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Lili Fleur De Lune 
Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan - 0 The Fool

Bonjour !

The Fool is dangerously teetering on the edge of a precipice. His purpose is not to be in balance but to taste and enjoy the adventure. His pants are repaired with a red tissues, hat seems too flat , his belt is too long and clothes are too big for him. He seems to have lost weight and have become as light as his little bag. All he got in this bag, is all he need to face life's challenges with a white flower in his left hand (hand of the heart).

The rear mountain scenery and clouds, accentuates the impression that he's in a spiritual journey and very little about mundane down to earth.

What I find odd, is the white little dog. Usually, the familiar of The Fool is trying to prevent his master from falling. But this dog seems to say " Hey ho! It's too crazy, I go away from him as fast that I can"

Is it really HIS familiar? Does it show the society, afraid of crazy people as The Fool?
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Originally Posted by Lili Fleur De

What I find odd, is the white little dog. Usually, the familiar of The Fool is trying to prevent his master from falling. But this dog seems to say " Hey ho! It's too crazy, I go away from him as fast that I can"

Is it really HIS familiar? Does it show the society, afraid of crazy people as The Fool?
The book says it's his companion and familiar and that it's "prancing happily". And that it's a Westie because they are loyal and smart.
The Fool definitely looks to be following his bliss (as the book says). It also defines it as a new beginning, which is how I interpret The Fool as well.
I don't understand the reason for the cliff in The Fool card. That has never set right with me. Maybe because there's a chance of failure with each "leap of faith". I don't know. Just makes no sense to me.
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Kyrie  Kyrie is offline
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This card, to me, represents trust and innocence.

When we are young and haven't been hardened by the world yet, we have this sense of being carefree. We haven't experienced any deep sadness or trouble yet. To me, that is innocence. It has nothing to do with's about experience. And if we are lucky, we can carry that sense of innocence into our adult life with us, even through all the heartache and struggles that we must endure.

It also represents trust. Trust in ourselves, in other people, and in the universe. Trust that no matter what happens, everything will be OK in the end. I recently bought the Osho Zen Tarot deck and in the companion guide for that deck, it says something to the affect of, people will hurt you, but trust anyway. People will disappoint you and fail you. Trust anyway. The universe will deal you obstacles. Trust anyway. Even if people say "Why would you trust so-and-so if they've already hurt you? You're being FOOLISH!" Trust anyway. This isn't necessarily a trust in other people, but more of a trust in yourself and in the universe that everything will work the way it should and everything will be okay. Will their be bumps in the road? Yes. Will you struggle sometimes? Yes. Is there a risk of failure (the cliff the Fool walks along)? Yes. Trust anyway.

When this card pops up in a reading, I know I need to look within and regain that sense of trust and innocence. To me, it really is a sense of positivity and a go-with-the-flow attitude (which is sometimes hard for me to do, considering my control freak nature lol). But just let go and believe that whatever path you're on, even if it's a difficult one, is the RIGHT one. And whatever difficulties you encounter are opportunities for you to learn. (The Fool's Journey)

Anyway, that's just my two-cents worth.
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This card, to me, represents the nature of being "pure at heart". While the contemplation of a new adventure is part of the theme of new beginnings including the need of "a leap of faith" mentioned in the books description, I also see in this card the red and white feather in his hat along with other red and white being used. The card description mentions red representing a zeal for life but I'm also sensing the symbolic nature of the root chakra. The stability and base of all other chakras. The combination of red and white together are signifying courage, passion and desire along with hope peace and protection. I love the addition of the Westie's attitude. It gives me the impression of liveliness, feistiness, and a bold adventurer. I have always had a dog companion and two things come to mind with this cards representation. First, it takes a great deal to break a dogs' spirit and to the use of the small terrier...Great things are created from first taking small steps. The fool in this card is on the brink of something new and exciting standing confidently grounded while on the edge of the cliff. No fear, only the opportunity and choice to take the leap!
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Kyrie  Kyrie is offline
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The Fool symbolizes possibility and potential. He is a blank canvas, at the beginning of his journey and may go anywhere he pleases! The world is his to create. He is young at heart and represents innocence and trust.

He walks along the cliff, but has his face turned up to the sky. He isn't focused on the risk but is more interested in all the possibilities the world has to offer. The dog guides him down the path and helps him avoid trouble.

He carries a white rose in his hand, which symbolizes purity. Again, symbolizing him as a blank canvas, a clean slate. He hasn't been scarred by bad experiences.

The pentacle on his bag is a symbol of protection.
The mountains represent obstacles he will need to overcome, although he doesn't seem to notice them.


Just wanted to elaborate on my post. I'm trying to study more in depth and really think about my personal interpretations.
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Kyrie  Kyrie is offline
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My new strategy for studying Tarot is by using the 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card, which I found in the Tarot Study Groups section. In that thread, you are supposed to select 3 cards at random and select one of those cards to work with through all of the exercises. However, I'm going to go through each card in order one at a time until I reach the end. Sorry for flooding this thread with posts....although not very many people seem to post on this thread anyway.

The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan
The Fool

Step One: Physical Description
A young man is walking along a steep cliff. He is carrying a bindle (a long stick with a bag attached to the end, used for carrying possessions while traveling - yes, I had to Google that lol). The bag is secured with a small silver pentacle. The boy is wearing a red and blue tunic with yellow trim. The hat he is wearing has a red feather sticking out of it. He is wearing black boots and his pants have been patched up. He is carrying a white rose in his left hand. A small, fluffy, white dog of running ahead of the boy. Although he is walking along what appears to be a very steep cliff, he is not watching where he is going. Instead, he has his face turned up to the sky. The sun seems to be shining on his face. The sky behind him is blue with large, fluffy, white clouds hovering over the mountains in the distance.

Step Two: First-Person Description
I have left my home and am traveling to a new place. I've brought only what I need and could fit inside my small bag. And, of course, my dog which is running down the path ahead of me. The weather is beautiful today - a good day for traveling! The sun is shining, but it's not too hot, especially up here in the mountains where there is a slight breeze. I found a pretty, white rose along the way and decided to take it with me. Small things like that are what make the journey enjoyable and I'm not in any hurry to get to my destination!
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Kyrie  Kyrie is offline
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Location: AR
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Step Three is about the EMOTION of the card. This step actually has 3 parts to is, so that's why I decided to put it in a separate post.

3-1: Describe the emotions and feelings of the card for the character involved
The emotion I get from this card is excitement! The Fool is just beginning his journey and is excited about getting a chance to start over in a new place. He is excited about reaching his destination.....but more than anything, he is excited about the journey itself! He is enjoying the present moment instead of thinking about the future. As far as he's concerned, the future is unknown and will happen in its own time. He doesn't worry about the possibility of something going wrong and he has faith that the universe will lead him to where he is meant to be. The important thing is to enjoy the present moment and the little things that bring him joy - the beautiful weather, the pretty white rose he found along the way, the view from the cliff he is on. He brings a sense of childlike wonder to everything he does - including this journey.

3-2: Repeat the last step, but tell it in 1st person perspective
I am so excited about starting this journey! I have everything I need with me and I am ready to make a fresh start. I am ready to see what this new life holds for me. I'm not in any rush though because I am really enjoying this journey. I've seen so many things since I've started. I found a pretty white rose not far back. And up here on this cliff, I have an amazing view of the valley below. I had to stop for a minute so I went to stand on the edge of the cliff so I could really get a good look. The sun is shining but the breeze up here keeps in from getting too hot. There's some big fluffy clouds over in the distance that look thick and soft enough to sleep on! I don't know what I'll get to see on the rest of this trip, but I hope it's just as nice as this right here!

3-3: I recently had an experience which relates to the emotion of this card. I got married last month. It didn't really set in until we were leaving the wedding for our honeymoon. But suddenly I was really excited...more than I was getting reading for the wedding and even during the wedding itself. I was excited for starting a new life with my new husband. Yes, there is always a risk of a relationship not working out and people get divorced, but once we left the wedding, none of that mattered to me. I was in a state of pure bliss and excitement at the prospect of this new journey we started together. We drove to Florida for our honeymoon, but even the drive was enjoyable. Which is unusual for us considering we both have road rage and end up getting irritated and fighting with each other! Lol. The 4 days we were there, it was as if we were in our own little world and even though we still had things to take care of once we got home, we were happy just living in the moment and enjoying our new life!
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