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Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot ~ Five of Cups

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Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot ~ Five of Cups

This is probably the most beautiful Five of Cups I have seen so far. The name of the original artwork is 'Embrace'. This card seems to embody the traditional Five of Cups meaning but it is also adding new dimensions to it.

There is all the heartbreak and sadness but there is also hope and solace. There is warmth and love and safety. There has been loss and disappointments but it is already being healed. The girl and the bird lean on each other and they almost share their bodies, they are melting together, they are one.

The green leaves of the vine are like the cups that are behind the man in the traditional RWS (Rider-Waite-Smith) image. There is new growth and hope around but the bird girl has not noticed it yet because her eyes are still closed. But when she decides to open her eyes and turn -and move on with her life- she will see the green vines circling the nest.
There is more hope up in the night sky behind the girl and the bird man as well. She just needs to open her eyes and turn to admire them. I'm wondering if they are a part of the Big Dipper which if a part of the Ursa Major, the Great Bear, constellation. Most of the stars of the Big Dipper are visible here so I see this also signifying emerging hope. Again, all the girl needs to do is open her eyes and turn around to see the whole constellation. It's another detail reminding of the two cups of hope that are still standing behind the man in the RWS image.

This card (and probably the whole deck) is actually much more RWS than one notices at first sight. On the surface these are just lovely works of art but often when I study one of these cards more closely I begin to see similarities to the traditional RWS meanings. As we all know, not all art decks work well as tarot -and not everyone likes or needs the RWS meanings- but I work best with them and I find this deck a nice combination of both beautiful art and traditional RWS.

If one likes Jungian concepts the bird man would be the perfect Animus figure. He is warm and strong and taking good care of the girl. There are several cards in this deck where a red figure appears to the girl in some way. Often it is helpful or loving one like in the Lovers (red snake), Knight of Wands (the pig), Six of Cups, Temperance and the Queen of Cups (the red fish), Ace of Wands (lizard) -and this card with the red bird, which is almost the most perfect of these Animus figures. There are also a few strange or even disturbing ones, especially the Devil and the Seven of Wands. But more about them in other threads..

Some possible interpretations:
-being together with the ones you love
-trusting someone you love
-staying in your nest (home) and resting
-hope and solace after a heartbreak
-not yet seeing all the possibilities for moving on

Something you thought would make you happy has turned out to be a disappointment. Don't force the issue if it will never work out. Key concepts: Frustration, disappointment, heartache.
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