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Guess the Chosen Object - 2017

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Originally Posted by sweetcherise13 View Post
Ace of Arrows/Two of Pipes ~ Medicine Woman Tarot

Arrows/Swords draws me to something inspirational.
Is it a wooden wall art piece? Maybe with a quote on it?
Or does it contain writing of any type?

The Two of Pipes/Wands shows a woman smoking a peace pipe. I'm assuming your item isn't a pipe (hopefully ) I'm leaning toward some type of possible kitchen tool.
A wooden spoon?
-It isn't wall art.
-It... contains writing of some type (only a "made in Thailand" sticker, so as not to mislead)

-It isn't a kitchen tool.
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This looks fun .
I wanna hop in and try too!
So we're doing ZMoon's object?
Okay~ I got Eight of Swords and Queen of Swords RX

it's something that's free-standing, and it's a kind of object that once you put it down, it's set at that spot for a long time. And since it's heavy wind element, I can assume it's something relate to intellegents. Or relate to thought process at least.

Could it be a container for pens ?
Or a candle stand 0v0??
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Hi everyone
I got the four of swords - queen of wands - Temperance
Some ornament that would bring a smile to your face
Could it be a wooden spoon or cutlery item?
A wand?

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