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List: Which historical tarot decks do you have?

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Moonbow  Moonbow is offline
Join Date: 08 Nov 2003
Location: Southern England
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1JJ Swiss
Ancient Tarots of Bologne
Ancient Tarots of Liguria-Piedmont
Ancient Tarot of Lombardy
Bolognese Primiera and Tarocco game cards
Conver - Heron
Dodal - Dusserre
Golden Tarot of the Renaissance (Estensi)
Grand Etteilla
Grimaud - Paul Marteau
Grimaud - Green Box 1969
I Tarocchini Gioseppe Maria Mitelli - Dal Negro
I Tarocchi Del Mantegna - Il Meneghello
Major Tom's TdM
Marsella - Rodes & Sanchez
Minchiate Fiorentine - Il Meneghello
Minchiate Fiorentine - Solleone
Noblet Majors - Flornoy
Noblet full deck - Flornoy
Oswald Wirth - De L'Aigle Ed.
Payen (Thinbuddha 2008)
Rolla Nordic
Sola Busca (Tarot de Alquemia)
Spanish Tarot by Fournier - Guiseppe Ottone
Tarocco Bolognese di G.M. Mitelli - Il Meneghello
Tarocco Di Besançon - Il Meneghello
Tarocco Di Marsiglia (Svizzera) - Il Meneghello
Tarocco Siciliano
Tarocco Soprafino - Gumppenberg - Il Meneghello
Vacchetta, Tarot of the Master
Vandenborre Bacchus
Visconti Sforza - Il Meneghello
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Join Date: 11 Dec 2002
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I only have one.

TdM Fournier.
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Join Date: 30 Jun 2002
Location: East Anglia, UK
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1JJ Swiss
22 Arcani sec XVIII (Il Meneghello)
Ancient Enlightened (Sola Busca)
Grand Etteilla
Minchiate Fiorentine (Il Meneghello)
Minchiate (Williams)
Tarocco Bolognese di G M Mitelli 1634 -1718 (Il Meneghello)
Tarocco Italiano (Dotti 1845, Il Meneghello)
Tarot of Marseilles (Grimaud and Fournier)
Visconti (Lo Scarabeo)

I have a second Minchiate Fiorentine deck, but I can't recall who published it, and as I'm pretty much immobile with a sprained ankle, I can't go look at present.
It's all Brian Williams' fault that I have most of these decks, as I wasn't interested in historical decks until after reading the books that came with his Minchiate and Renaissance decks.

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After saying I would never get one...I broke down and got the Visconti-Sforza yesterday. It's still not out of its shrinkwrap, but, it will be soon.
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Historical decks in my collection:

Tarot Cabalistico (Fournier)
Epinal Tarot (Grimaud)
Grand Etteilla (Grimaud)
Tarot de Marseilles (Camoin)
Tarot de Marseilles (Fournier)
Tarot de Marseilles convos (AG Muller)
Le Veritable Tarot de Marseilles (Hadar)
Tarot de Jacque Vievelle (Heron)
Visconti Tarots (Lo Scarabeo, gold restoration)
Oswald Wirth Tarot (US Games)
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Only one Le Veritable Tarot de Marseilles (Hadar). And you know, I don't think I'll be adding another anytime soon.
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Join Date: 10 Jul 2003
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Well when this thread opened I was intimidated by so many major collections, but now folks like myself are starting to post! I have:

Cary-Yale Visconti
Hadar Marseilles
Fournier Marseilles
The other Fournier Marseilles
Vacchetta (LS version w/ modern border )

&, I've just ordered myself a new Soprafino from alida

I don't see a lot of people with the Vacchetta deck, which is odd because it's so pretty. If more people had it, perhaps it would get discussed more (read: I could use some help figuring it out!!!)
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Join Date: 08 Nov 2003
Location: Southern England
Posts: 9,115

This seems like a good time to bump this thread, with all that present-giving going on and as Rusty said in the first post "It's very easy to lose the historical decks among all the other decks listed on that general thread." - in Tarot Decks forum.

So, come clean and list your Historical decks, including "photoreproductions of pre-1901 tarot decks, as well as modern recreations or restorations of historical decks (e.g., Grimaud, Camoin-Jodorowsky, Fournier, Hadar, etc.)."

I'll be back later to update my list and add a few!
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Ross G Caldwell  Ross G Caldwell is offline
Join Date: 07 Jul 2003
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Ross G Caldwell 

Thanks for bumping this thread Moonbow*!

(15th century)
Visconti-Sforza (USGames)
Visconti-Sforza (Dal Negro)
Cary-Yale Visconti (USGames)
Ancien Tarot Illuminé / Sola Busca (Lo Scarabeo)

(16th century - no facsimiles or recreations that I know of exist; you need books for those)

(17th century)
Tarocco Bolognese Mitelli (Il Meneghello)
Tarot de Paris (Grimaud)
Noblet (Flornoy)
Vieville (Heron)

(18th century)
Dodal TdM (Dusserre)
Minchiate Etruria (Lo Scarabeo)
Conver TdM (Heron)
Tarot de Besançon (Il Meneghello)
Tarot de Marseille (Piatnik)
Conver TdM (Lo Scarabeo)
Vandenborre Tarot Flamand (Carta Mundi/USGames)

(19th century)
Tarot d'Epinal (Grimaud)
Grand Etteilla ou Tarots Egyptiens (Grimaud)
Tarot of the Master - Vacchetta (Lo Scarabeo)
Dotti (I think)(oversized edition of De Vecchi)
Tarocco "Soprafino" (Gumppenberg / Il Meneghello)
Ancient Tarots of Liguria-Piedmont (Lo Scarabeo)
Ancient Tarot of Lombardy (Lo Scarabeo)
The Classic Tarot (Lo Scarabeo)

(Modern recreations)
Tarot de Marseille (Grimaud facsimile of first edition)
Tarot de Marseille (Grimaud modern edition)
Tarot de Marsella (Le Mat / Rodes and Sanchez)
Tarot of Marseille (USGames)
Visconti ("Gold" - Lo Scarabeo/Gaia (Spanish Edition))
Camoin TdM
Fournier TdM (Fournier)
Tarots of Mantegna (Lo Scarabeo; a dubious recreation, since never known to have been a card game).

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Visconti Gold - LS
Tarot Neo-classico - Il Meneghello
Sola-Busca - LS
Minchiate - LS
Mantegna - LS

Does the Dusserre Etteilla Oracle des Dames count?

Now let me edit to add:

Vacchetta - Il Meneghello
Vacchetta - LS
Mitelli - Dal Negro
Noblet - Flornoy
Visconti - USG
Ancient Tarot of Bologna - LS
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