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List: Which historical tarot decks do you have?

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Tarot de Marseilles Style Decks [19]

1JJ Swiss
Ancient Tarots of Bologna
Camoin Bicentennial (Thunder Bay Press)
Spanish Tarot (Fournier)
Tarot de la réa
Tarot de Besançon
Tarot Flamand de 1780 (Vandenborre)
Vieville (2 copies)
Visconti (LS)

Minchiate Decks [8]

"Le Fiorentine" Il Meneghello ed. (Baragioli - 1986)
Minchiate al Mondo ("carte fine" ed.)
Minchiate Etruria Il Meneghello ed. (1994)
Minchiate Etruria Lo Scarabeo ed.
Minchiate Francesi (Poilly)
Minchiate le nuove
Minchiate Solleone (1980)
Williams Minchiate
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Le Marseillais  Le Marseillais is offline
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Le Marseillais 
Cool My Tarot Decks List

Hello all,

In fact you should go to my profile where I tried to put all my decks.

But here are my mains decks:
R= Reproduction
P= Pictures or scans
O = Original deck "in his juice" "dans son jus"

Conver 1860 (O) full deck
Burdel Claude (P)
Madenié Pierre (P)
Héri François (P)
Chosson François (P)
Kirchner (P)
Blanche (P)
Bernardin Suzanne (P)
Noblet Jean (P)
Bourlion François (P)
Conver Nicolas (P)
Laurent JP (P)
Tourcaty JF (P)
Carrajat CF (P)
Madenié JB (P)
Anonyme Parisien (R)
Vieville Jacques (R)
Payen JP (P)
Conver nicolas (R)
Arnoux André (P)
Schar Franz B (P)
Rochias Joseph (P)
Rochias Jacques (P)
Lequart (P)
Grimaud 1930 (P)
Hadar Chris (O)
Camoin"Tourrasse"/Jodorowsky (O)
Rhodes/Sanchez (O)
BP Grimaud (P)
Benois JB (R)
Unknow 1804 (R Il Meneghello)
Iseli Conrad (P)
Rochus Schar (P)
Visconti Sforza (R)

And for joking
Actuel deck (O)
Numerological deck (O)

You probably understund that I look only for Historical Decks and "others" where authors tried (without success in my today opinion) to go back to an original pattern.

Bonne Année 2008 quand meme / Happy New Year 2008 anyway

Yves Le Marseillais
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My little tiny historical deck collection:

Tarot de Marseilles (Hadar)
Soprafino (Il Meneghello)
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Mine is even smaller than karens. :)

I only have the Hadar right now.
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rachelcat's historics

As of July 21, 2010

Ancient Enlightened (Sola Busca)
Ancient Italian
Ancient Tarot of Bologna (LS 1780)
Ancient Tarot of Lombardy (LS Gumpenberg 1810)
Cary-Yale Visconti
Tarot des Centuries
Tarot Classic (Schafhouse)
Golden Tarot of the Renaissance (Estensi)
Tarot of the Master (LS Vacchetta)
1JJ Swiss
Oswald Wirth
I Tarocchini Secolo XVII (Mitelli)
Tarot Set (Thunder Bay Press Conver Marseille)
Universal Tarot of Marseille
Visconti (LS gold)
Visconti (LS gold ugly back edition)
Visconti mini (LS)
Visconti Grand Trumps (LS)
Visconti Sforza (US Games)

Ancient Minchiate Etruria
[Minchicate Tarot (Williams)]

Mantegna (LS silver)
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Hooked on TdM 

Ooooooh I just found this thread.

I now have:

Convers (Lo Scarabeo)
Flornoy, Dodal Majors
Flornoy, Noblet
1JJ Swiss
Tarot Classic
Tarot Jacques Vieville

Ancient Italian
Classical Tarot
Visconti Sforza
Cary Yale Visconti

Plus I have a LWB for the Ancient Tarot of Marseilles, but no deck.

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Let's see, I've actually had more than this (Vandenborre Bacchus, for instance), but currently I have:

LS Ancient Tarots of Bologna
Tarot de Marseilles - Fournier
Le Veritable Tarot de Marseilles - Hadar x2
Tarocco Di Marsiglia (Svizzera 1804) - Il Meneghello
Tarot de Jacques Vieville - Héron
Dodal Tarot de Marseilles - Dussere
Payen Tarot de Marseilles - thinbuddha's restoration
Tarot de Paris - hand printed version from scans of whole deck

LS Visconti Gold (2000 vintage)
Meneghello Visconti-Sforza

LS Ancient Minchiate Etruria 1725
Minchiate set (Brian Williams)

LS Tarot of the Master (one trimmed, the other sealed)
Vachetta - Del Solleone

LS Ancient Italian Tarot (x2)

Edited (a second time) since some decks have moved on to other ATers...
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The only historical deck I own is the Ancient Tarot of Lombardy. But I plan to buy more.
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Tarot de Marseille (Fournier)
Le Veritable Tarot de Marseille (Hadar)
Visconti (LS gold)

Not sure if any of my Lenormand or Sibilla decks count . . .
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Alan Ross 

Tarot de Marseille (Fournier)
Tarot de Marseille (Flornoy: Noblet)
Le Veritable Tarot de Marseille (Hadar)
Universal Tarot de Marseille (LS: Burdel)
Ancient Tarot of Marseilles (LS: Conver)
Ancient Tarot of Bologna (LS)
Ancient Italian Tarot (LS)
Tarocchino Lombardo (Solleone)
Tarot of the Master (LS: Vachetta)
Minchiate Fiorentine "Etruria" (Il Meneghello)
Swiss 1JJ (French edition)
Tarot Classic (US Games)

Update 10/2009. Added the following:

Vandenborre Tarot
Naibi di Vacchetta (Il Meneghello)
Visconti Tarot (LS)
Ancient Tarots of Lombardy (LS)
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