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The 3 Card, Relationship-Relationship Spread

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Great spread. I really prefer simple spreads like this.
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Simple spreads are really the best way to learn and form a base with. Once you become familiar with and have ease of them, it naturally progresses to those spreads which have the subtile intracacies. And if you notice with a three card spread or four if you pull the base card as I always do, you will find that you're using your intuitive mind spontaneously and don't really need the bigger spreads, except that they are fun and challenging. Anyway, I still will use a three card spread for myself and for friends.

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Little Baron 

This is very much like how I read three cards generally. Except that I turn the second one to the side and instead of the dynamic, I will look at what is holding 1 and 2 apart.

But I do that for all kinds of readings.

Thanks for sharing this one DG. I will definitely use it.

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caligrlatheartx  caligrlatheartx is offline
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I love simple spreads like this too! Especially since I've just started learning, and one of the most difficult things for me is relating the cards to one another. I can come up with reasonable keywords for individual cards, but trying to connect an entire spread and vibe the cards off each other is still beyond me.

Here's what I got for this spread. I did this for myself and a friend I've had a crush on for the past two years almost (sad but true). Unfortunately he has a girlfriend but I just love torturing myself with the "what if" scenarios. And I'd really appreciate anyone & everyone's input and insights:

Card 1 (the Querent): The Universe. I see this card as being at peace with the world, and more importantly with yourself. There's a sense of completeness and fulfillment, almost like this is too good to be true. But at the same time you are able to acknowledge your blessings. That's honestly how he makes me feel.

But also, I have the Crowley deck so I don't use reversals, but I always look at the ill-dignified meanings anyway if I come across them on sites, and something I found for The Universe rang true -- "Situations drawing to a close, but not yet ended. Fear of and inability to change; fear of the unknown." This resonates with me because I'm graduating and most likely I won't remain as close, if at all, with him. And I think I'm just so used to liking him and so comfortable, I don't want to (or even know how to) like someone else and open myself up to someone like that.

Card 2 (the Dynamic): 10 of Wands. I associate this card with a heavy load, not necessarily work related but just trying to take on more than one can handle. I also think of responsibility, whether you're shying away from it or placing unrealistic expectations on yourself.

I honestly was at a loss as to how read it in this spread, so I pulled a clarification card and got The Moon. Right away I thought of illusion and losing myself in a fantasy world, my imagination. In my head I've built up this amazing idea of what him and I could have as a couple, and maybe that's what I want. Not even him necessarily, just that fantasy.

Card 3 (the Other Person): Princess of Disks. I found this - "In your readings, this Page suggests that an opening may appear that promises enrichment, comfort, trust or the chance to make your dreams real. When you see such a chance, act on it!" Is this how I see him, the chance to have the guy of my dreams?
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I never had a fondness for simple spreads lol, but nevertheless I tried this out.
At first the 3 cards were abit confusing to me, I sort of knew what they meant but not how they linked up or why they were there, and drew clarification cards for each.

Most of the cards appeared in a reading I just did earlier, which cleared things up alot. Thanks for making me believe in this spread ^_^
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Great spread! The weird thing was it kept putting his card first, then mine, then the relationship. The cards that kept coming up were a little too obvious who they belonged to in this case, so it was easy to tell. In case you're wondering, I always try new spreads several times in a row to see if they will work for me. The last time, The Knight of Coins jumped right out of the deck on a shuffle, then the next shuffle, the nine of hearts jumped out, and the final shuffle, the Lovers fell from the deck. Pretty obvious I was meant to use them. Can you tell me a story with those? You're really good at that !

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Arcana XV 

Just tried this and it worked beautifully. It gave much more insight, depth and clarity to the reading than my usual 3 card Relationship spread. I'll definitely be using this one from now on instead.
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Baen  Baen is offline
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Just tried this spread and really prefer it to the more elaborate ones. But the many possibilities are also giving me some problems with the interpretation. Could someone give me their thoughts on this? I don't really like the look of it.

1: Two of Cups
2: The Tower
3: Ten of Cups
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le fey 

Not here, no, but if you take it down to the "Your Readings" section and share what your interpretation is of your reading people will be glad to offer their thoughts on it.
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Moderator Note

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that you shouldn't post your readings or card pulls in the Spreads forum for interpretation. Some of the older posts have them, but the guidelines for the forum changed since then - and we have kickin' forums for readings

You may post a link to a reading you have posted in Your Readings here, and provide comments on how you liked or didn't like the spread.

If you would like assistance moving your post to YR (you will need to provide your own interpretation of the cards first) and putting a link to it here, let me know - I'm here to help

I'll be removing the posts with cards (to one place or another) within 24 hours - just to keep others from mistakenly posting their readings here, too.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

valeria; moderator Tarot Spreads
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