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The unwashed general public & the book of Thoth

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Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
...11 acre garden with woods - lucky ducky !
Don't I know it.
We even had Dikdik. Tiny antelopes.

Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
I have seen fully grown men (from the city ) be nervous here 'in the dark' - no streetlights and such ... dark ... undergrowth ... 'strange noise' .... it just a wallaby, for God's sake !
Yes. Why is that?

Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
Yes. Of course you can, I think you probably know 'how' to do that ? I used to rather good at that, one doesnt stay alive as a motorcyclist for over 3o years without it. Also in Jiyuwaza ( , well, when it is done 'properly' ) - defending against multiple attacks from different angles , 3 - 5 on 1 ... advanced; the other 3 have weapons and 'piggy in the middle' , defender, is 'empty' hand . Motorcycling is more dangerous !
It was rhetorical. I was describing the game I play with myself. (When I eventually get to sparring with multiple attacks - 'feeling' where all my opponents are coming from will be one of my strong points).
I remember once on a recent workshop in the country. My classmates and I decided we would walk to the nearest pub for dinner. None of us had ever been to where we were, so it was a bit of an adventure, walking along the poorly lit country road with high grassy fields on either side and...yes - the moon was out. I loved it. Relished in the stillness, sound and smells of the outdoors, and the unfolding of the walk to 'wherever and whenever' the pub would finally materialise.
But to my surprise, most everyone else did not. They were... actually scared.
Perhaps I'm a product of growing up alone in a large solitary place (no street lights where I grew up - so always wonderful night skies and hearing all the night sounds of African wildlife) - with quite a high danger factor if you didn't know the 'right' places to be, and not to be??

Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
...* balanced by many things including 'right mind' and practices such as ikibana , poetry, calligraphy, etc A 'true man' , as well as having no fear of death, be master of the sword, but should also be able to write a beautiful poem , and write it out beautifully, make a nice arrangement of flowers ... and a good cup of tea
Yes. But WHERE are these men to be found? (looks like I just have to double as my own! ).
I ain't going to Japan (I'm black anyway so that would't work. Lol.)
Oh - wait... I do know of one...
Shame I'm married.
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There is always the 'Sword of Doom' guy
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