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Aleister Crowley (Thoth deck)

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Join Date: 22 Nov 2005
Location: canada
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Aleister Crowley (Thoth deck)

Does anyone use this deck? Im curious as to what anyone thinks of it as well.
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It has been my favorite deck since I picked it up. It is just beautiful and very deep. Others find it too dark- I suspect that this is largely beacause it isn't cartoon-like like the RWS, because I don't find it to be all that dark myself.

There are several other threads just like this one- you can search around to see the opinions people have about this deck.
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I have always been afraid of picking up this deck. It seems to me to be really really complacated.

My Husband loves this deck though. He has this deck and one oracle deck. I don't really know how he servives. LOL
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Join Date: 13 Aug 2005
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I didn't like this deck for a long time because of its ambiguity. It seems the question on everyone's mind (mine as well) when they think of Crowley - was he or wasn't he? (a Satanist, that is). Crowley asked himself the same question, but never did answer it definitively as far as I know.

Now I find the ambiguity stimulating. The deck contains elements of both dark and light, but they are not clearly defined. You're always left guessing, which on the one hand can be maddening, but on the other it's never boring.

I haven't used it for readings yet, but I'm looking forward to the day I do. I suspect it should be quite interesting.

There are many different versions of this deck. I find the AG Muller versions to be the best, imo. The card stock seems of a better quality, the colors are richer, and the images crisper. The AG Muller's I've seen are usually in a US Games box, and there's a sticker on the shrink wrap that says AG Muller. I don't know if all the US Games versions are AG Muller or not; all the newer ones I've seen are.

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I love this deck like no other. It has been my favorite deck since ?I saw the pictures of the cards in a book and knew that I had to have it. It is not dark at all, the pictures glow with beauty, and hit right at the core. It is a deck that takes itself quite seriously, though, which can put people off. No niceness about this deck Which is not to say that it is "eveil" however, any more than the RWS is, or any other deck.
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Originally Posted by sansa
Does anyone use this deck? Im curious as to what anyone thinks of it as well.
Yes...a LOT of people use this deck lol

Check out the study group on it
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I've been thinking about this recently, and, do you know?

I might just like it...
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Nocturnal Lure 

The Beatles v.s. The rolling stones
Pizza v.s. Hamburger
Playstation v.s. X-box

Toth v.s. Rider Waite...

Does anyone use the deck... yes I think at least 50% of tarot readers have or will use it at some point.

I like the Toth deck... no better yet, the Toth deck likes me, it gives me useful answers and gives me room to shape conclusions, it's answers are usually a bit more complex the RWS, but also very often more complete, given you a broader but therefore less clear perspective on the querant and the question at hand.
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Hehe, nocturnal - the Thoth is the Rolling Stones...please allow me to introduce myself...

Let's not forget Frieda in all this - the deck was a joint effort.

And me? I think it is the best deck ever designed, with the Marseille - and certainly the best ever thought out in detail & philosophy. It has so many layers to it, you could study it 50 years and still be looking.

Do I like it? At the moment I love it. At times...I need a respite from intensity - as CandyApple says, how to survive it? But I still am bowled over by it. No other deck will deliver quite like the Thoth. It is a deck that takes you deeply into your shadows and your lights. It is also an uncompromisingly sexual deck, which is why some people are made uncomfortable by it.
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Join Date: 22 Nov 2005
Location: canada
Posts: 152

Im not trying to create controversy here (ok maybe I am) but what about the fact that alister crowley was a satanist? Does that make people any less willing to try out the deck and does it even come to mind for others?
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