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High Priestess / Eight of Swords

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Mojo Twin 2 
High Priestess / Eight of Swords

I was doing a spread around an issue that is causing me blockage. Something I've let go of but lingers in my consciousness still. I asked for advice on the situation (sort of an addiction issue). I dealt the spread and in the pillar of the Celtic Cross the self card was 8-swords and the environment card was The High Priestess.

I went over the spread a few times to get correspondences and I had a lightning bolt realization - that the High Priestess and the 8 of swords are so similar as to be frightening. To have them show up as they did told me that while I viewed myself as in bondage and trapped, the true nature of my environment was that of freedom and connection to a subconscious self. The shadow of the Priestess almost reaches down to remind me that this blockage will always be a part of my character, but it doesn't have to rule me.

Just an interesting observation I wanted to share with the group.

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Hi Mojo Twin 2,

Well what do you know? I've never seen the similarity between these two cards before but I've now got them both in front of me and you're absolutely right.

Both cards are at night, in the woods, both cards have a 'doorway' in the foreground; of trees in the case of The High Priestess and of trees and swords in the 8 of Swords.

The big difference is in the stance of the women on the cards.. Whilst The High Priestess has her arms raised and is naked and free looking, the lady on the 8 of Swords is bound and blindfolded.

I love the insight you got from looking at the two cards together too.
Thanks for sharing .

Edited to add images of the two cards:

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