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Originally Posted by AmberFox
Just this morning I did my first ever reading with the druidcraft tarot. I used a 3 card spread Body/Mind/Soul and with the question.. What am I missing?

The result for me was spot on and it has given me more energy...if that makes sence.

BB AmberFox
Yes that is good also i have been doing
Situation/Advice/Outcome (Major Tom)
and it has been dead on
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great spreads everyone ... the red, green, yellow light caught my eye too and it will be easy to remember also for both me and the querent
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Just adding to the list of 3 cards. I've been using:

1) Do
2) Don't
3) Consider/think about this

as a general advice sort of thing. And it's worked pretty well, too!
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Mermaid Queen 

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I was wondering if you could use this for tarot cards too?

And also, do you have to go by the "Tarot Rules"?
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Originally Posted by Mermaid Queen View Post
I was wondering if you could use this for tarot cards too?
I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. Could you perhaps rephrase your question? (Sorry if I'm being a bit slow)

Originally Posted by Mermaid Queen View Post
And also, do you have to go by the "Tarot Rules"?
Again, I'm not entirely sure what you mean. I think the actual point of this thread is that you should feel free to decide for yourself what each of the positions in a 3-card spread mean for your reading. I really don't think you'll find many people on these forums insisting that there are specific rules everyone has to follow in regards to their tarot practice. What I've really gotten from reading these forums is that people should feel free to adopt whatever techniques and practices work for them.

Hope that helps at least a little, and feel free to clarify your questions if I've missed the mark completely!

Cheers! :-)
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Mermaid Queen 

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Forget it lol

I asked because I use these in my daily Oracle readings.

But I just realized it said "Tarot spreads".

I was a bit buzzed when I asked that.

Sorry if it didn't make any sense.
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100 Spreads - Variations

Beginning, middle, end
Mind, body, soul
Past, present, future
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Three choices
Yes, no, maybe
Birth, life, death
Childhood, adolescence, adulthood
Unconscious, conscious, super-conscious
Idea, manifestation, process
Person, Place, Object
Desire, conflict, resolution
Illusion, disillusionment, new understanding
Idea, knowledge, action
Mother, father, child
One extreme, its opposite, the golden mean
Best case scenario, worst case scenario, probable outcome
Attraction, union, creation
Action, reaction, outcome
External obstacle, internal obstacle, goal
Self, partner, family
Ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph
Greatest strength, greatest weakness, driving passion
Desire, obstacle, resolution
Conflict's nature, conflict's source, next step
The beast, the mob, the guardian angel
Family, friends, self
Problem, first step towards solution, ultimate resolution
Red light, green light, yellow light (i.e. don't do it, do it, take caution)
Conception, pregnancy, birth
Past self, present self, future self
Crisis, source of crisis, conclusion
Passion, reason, imagination
Knowledge, deceit, revelation
Drive, direction, destination
Enemies, traitors, allies
Real issue, next action, ultimate destination (hat tip to RedEarth)
Lies, hidden truth, truth
Self-deception, deception by others, first step to finding the truth
False issue, real issue, your role in it
Cause of despair, hidden strength, path to victory
Two possible outcomes from a change - Change, Outcome 1, Outcome 2
Pain, healing action, positive possibility
Pain, destructive action, negative possibility
Selfish action, consequences for others, possible reconciliation
Person 1, Person 2, the nature of their relationship
Gratitude spread: abundance, sources of love, silver linings
Emotion, source of emotion, next action
Higher principle, test, how to "pass" said test
Fear, current response, better response
Action, Feeling, Thought
Symbol, Principle, Fact
Beauty, Truth, Knowledge (in a situation, a person, etc.)
Nature, Nurture, Culture
Good, Evil, Reality
Self, family, tribe
Abiding passion, obstacle to this passion, a way around it
The Future in: a week, a year, five years
Work, Love, Leisure
Hidden strength, hidden shortcoming, hidden opportunity
What's needed, what's wanted, what differentiates them
Safety, Danger, Illusion
Outer Conflict, Inner Conflict, Their Relationship
Hidden Desire, Its Manifestation, Its Consequences
Need, Hidden Need, Action
Your Story, Their Story, How it looks to outsiders
Dream, Nightmare, Waking Life
Trauma, and two "incorrect" or shameful consequences
Trauma, and two paths to healing
Logic, Emotion, Intuition
Personal, Social, Political
A course of action, best outcome, worst outcome
Conception, Growth, Birth (of an idea, business, etc.)
An impending event, what you can't control about it, what you can do about it
Three approaches: optimistic, pessimistic, practical
Meaninglessness, Order, Meaning
Male, Female, Androgynous (or union of both)
Body, Soul, Mind
Hell, Earth, Heaven
Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis
Situation, attitude, next action
Morning, Day, Evening
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
What You Should Do, What You Will Do, What You Can Do Instead
Attraction, repulsion, indifference
Three Possibilities
Three Hidden Talents
Identity, Community, Purpose
Idea, Reality, Potential
Hate, Need, Love
What, Where, Why
What, Where, How
What's Apparent, What's Hidden, What Will Be Revealed
Triumph, Fall, Epiphany
Needs, Wants, Fears
Hidden talent, obvious talent, secret talent
What's Practical, What's Fantastical, What's Possible
Creation, Care, Destruction
Birth, Death, Rebirth
Peace, Love, Understanding
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