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RWS Tarot 101 Ace of Cups

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Lightbulb RWS Tarot 101 Ace of Cups

Now starting on the suit of Cups: If you have anything to add, correct, or discuss, please feel free to join in.

Ace of Cups

“I recognize this opportunity to express and accept love” Greer

To me the Ace of Cups is a very spiritual card; I see a gentle hand holding a cup for you to take? The feel of the card is very claming. A dove which symbolizes love, hope, and purity delivers the Seal of Jehovah into the cup. A tread on Cups and Conception, talks of the dove:

They say it is the “Holy Grail”. I don’t see or feel this in the card, I see as being far too ornate for Jesus to have used (from his place & time era). A gift from God, a spirit or an angel. The water coming from the cup comes out like fountain. We are not meant to take the cup, but merely draw from it’s water. What is the letter on the cup? A W or an upside down M? What dose this stand for? The droplets or Yods do they stand for blessings? Thread on Yods/Aces

Overall I see a gift or opportunity being handed to us. It is up to us what we do with this opportunity.

Direct: A new beginning for love, a new birth of a child or idea, something hoped for, joy, peace, deepening of an existing love, new spiritual insight.

Reversed: New romance delayed, end of a relationship, emotional emptiness, love not returned, unable to commit, not wanting love or a relationship.

Listed below are a few threads covering the Ace of Cups:

Cups Overview thread:
Aces thread:
Ace of Cups thread:
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I'm sure I mentioned this somewhere in this forum, but can't remember exactly where, but there are bells on the bottom of the actual cup itself, not the base, in some sense that can be seen as sort of spiritual, or at least connected to churches in some sense, as churches, main ones at any rate, not so much now, but back then, usually had a bell tower. Just thinking out aloud, really, so please do bear with me. In some sense it is like an announcement of some sort, assoicated with love and spirituality. I had a friend that had wind chimes outside her house, and she said that if they chime, and they chime for a reasonable amount of time, not just a "ching" but keeps going for a few "chings" then that is suppose to be a sort of message from the angels. Sorry, I am rambling, this was years and years ago, and I am having great difficulty in remembering exactly what she told me!

The five streams coming from the cup as it were the fountains could indicate the five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.
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This card, when upright, appears inverted. When inverted, it also seems odd.

There are so many odd things to note about this card. The white hand that supports the base of the cup is again ghostly white and comical. It appears to be putting a fair amount of effort into holding the cup, which seems a little strange, as if the cup is heavier than it ought to be. The hand again emerges from a cloud of thin smog. The smoke reminds me of the smoke you get when you blow out a candle, or when incense burns. For some reason, this smoke seems lighter than the smoke of the other aces.

The second thing that springs to mind is the fact that the water is flowing up and out of the cup. It is flowing against the natural order of things. There are five springs of water which flow out of the cup. Droplets of floating water drift about the goblet, they have not dripped or anything, they are suspended in the air around the cup. These five 'springs' run unnoticed into the sea or lake beneath. Lily pads float beneath the hand, some have flowered, others still show a tight knit bulb. The only land in the picture is a distant cliff. I have the impression the viewer is swimming in the ocean and I find this a little unnerving.

Onto the cup itself. It has a W printed on it, which is clearly an upside down M. A white bird carrying The Host flies into the top of the goblet. This is Holy Communion. A Catholic Holy Communion.

There is a design in the centre of the goblet which I cannot decipher.
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