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RWS Tarot 101 Ace of Pentacles

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Lightbulb RWS Tarot 101 Ace of Pentacles

Being new to tarot I wanted to take the time to explore each card and hear all the different interpretations, and opinions on the cards. Each of us has our own special insights and experiences which we can share and help each other grow in our knowledge of tarot. At this time I read from the Rider/Waite/Smith deck, it would be very interesting to hear from you that work from other decks as well.

Please feel free to join me. I have started with the Minor Arcana, and worked my way through the different suits. I have decided not to write up the Major Arcana, these posts are not drawing much interest.

So here goes the last suit of the minor Arcana, the suit of Pentacles!

Ace of Pentacles

“I recognize the opportunity to materialize my ideas” Greer

When I look into the Ace of Pentacles I see a hand coming from a cloud offering a pentacle, not a promise of fortune but a change, a sign that things are within your reach. This can be a sign of good fortune, an unexpected inheritance, or a gift of a wedding ring, a proposal of marriage. Love is something that must be grown and taken care of.

This is a suit that tells us that work needs to be done, not a time to dream but a time to get your hands dirty. Slow and steady will win the race, let your common sense guide you to success.

Aces are energy, power cards, and new beginnings. This energy is static; you must take action, take advantage of it. When reversed this energy can become a compulsion. An example as in pentacles “greed or gambling. “

In the back ground of this card there is an arch way(portal) that leads to the distant mountains. Letting us know that we can still fulfill our spiritual peace while working for our material needs.

Direct: New job, gift, proposal, love offered, material gain, pleasure.

Reversed: No or delayed money/love, greed, prosperity without happiness, fool’s gold, withholding favors, fear of loss, job that failed.

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Ace of Pents...

Upright: A cycle has begun on the physical plane; The beginnings of material development in some area

Reversed: Physical or Material development delayed

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Also indicative of a step up or promotion. Something on offer that may not have been seen by yourself but by another who tells you about the opportunity.(personal experience lol) The start of a new career that will fill you with gratitude if you take it. Feeling that someone is a gift in your life. A proud spiritual moment that you feel deep inside. Could also be the start of religion finally entering your life when prior you had nothing.
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Material wealth, either expected or not. A raise, new job, new opportunity for financial success.

Perhaps the portal in the distance is saying that now that our material needs have been met we can dedicate more time to our spiritual search/growth.

Reversed: A loss of job, or stagnation. Not moving towards your goals. Delays.

I never saw it as a compulsion or gambling action. That is an interesting view of it. I can see how it would fit. I guess it would depend on the surrounding cards though.
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The flowery archway is so appealing, with the path leading up to it and the mountains beyond it, I see the Ace of Pentacles as saying ... you have what you need (or will receive what you need) now go out into the world and make what you can of it.
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Aces are the raw energy of their suits, they are not fully formed yet but show the promise of the potential of what they could be.

Pentacles energy comes from the Earth element and is expressed through those things which are tangible — money, practical security, material wealth, physical needs.

The Pentacle looks like a coin because we can all relate to money as being something tangible, but it is worth remembering here that money has no value on its own, it is just money. It's what you do with it that really counts.

The Ace of Pentacles is a card that encourages one to manifest those ideas into something tangible. It heralds that the time is right to go for those goals.

The Ace is the result of the other suits, its demonstrates how one's thoughts, emotions, and actions can manifest into a tangible form.

Now Aces are gifts as a hand issues from the clouds to offer this pentacle, but whatever the gift is, this is still dependent on your action to set it in motion.

Its counterpart in the Major Arcana is The Magician who reminds us that "we have the power to create" — the Ace is just the beginning.

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As with the other ace cards, a hand appears disembodied supporting the suit. In this case the ghostly hand appears to be female, the fingers are bent in a feminine manner. The hand cups a single golden coin. The coin is oversized. An aura is seen, but only surrounding the hand and not the money within it. The hand comes from the left hand side of the picture, which I believe is the opposite to the other aces studied. it seems very obvious but the money has an image of an upright star on it.

Beneath the hand a garden sits. It has a high messy hedge which surrounds it and a gate in the hedge shows a mountain. The path, up the garden gate, drifts of into the reader's view. Plants grow to the bottom left of the page though it is hard to tell what they are.

Familiar fruit, pomegranates and apples perhaps, are growing in the hedge.
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