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What is the Y on the magician staff

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Ok. Well, this seems too speculative for me to assent to--I don't see the evidence that she turned away from her soul's highest aspirations etc. We're now far afield from the "Y" on the staff so perhaps best to leave it be.
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Moderator Note

No posts have been removed from this thread, but please keep discussion on the original topic - the Y on the wand and tangentially the other symbols within the Magician card.
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Ok, back to the "Y" and to clarify. My studies with Tarot started with this deck with this card image. Since the age of 14, and for 22 years, I have studied this deck. It was then I developed the horrible habit of mispelling her name "Coleman", because of the name with my campling supplies.

I studied without books, and have still never read a book dedicated to this deck or any other. I have read lots of books that have Tarot as a Subject, but I was taught by people, and by Orders. This started kind of early, and I started coming to the conclusion each card has a "divine error". These connect this to other things at it's time. I found a Tradition that held this to be true the night of Dec 18, 1998. The "Y" is to us, the Divine Error. This is a masonic idea that predates masonry; that nothing is perfect but G-d.

I believe that is a Glyph, an unfinished leaf indicating the letter generally assumed as "Tzaddi", which is also a big debate in the Book of the Law, to which I think this deck is STRONGLY connected as part of something to big for any man. We think it is a sign she is upon the altar, as the offering on the table of shewbread before the magician (The Lord, not Waite), bound to his will, by renouncing her own.

My speech about Pamela Colman Smith in regard to this is not that she was a failure, but rather that on a plane higher than her ego, she RENOUNCED all things. This is the task of a Master of the Temple. Her last poem seems to be testament to that. We rever her as one would rever a aesthetic who is willing to give their all so nothing shall ever be denied another by giving unto her. We furthermore think her musicophilia (specifically, her "seeing" of sound) was part of the fact she was already on that path.

Her motto was "Quod tibi id alliis,
"whatever you would have done to thee, do unto others"

This motto is easily seen in the interpretation I have of that glyph. The back of the Head, is both where the head is annointed with oil, and the maul strikes to stun the offering.

In the Abramelin Operation, a child is used to call the Angel to appear on the altar. In the operation which led to the creation of this Deck, I believe a Pixie was.
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"The soul at the moment of death goes through the same experiences as those who are initiated into the great mysteries. The word and the act are similar, we say TELENTAI (to die) and TELESTAI (To be initiated)"

The soul at the moment of death goed through the same experiences.
This reminds me to a miracle of Jesus.
The story of the daughter of Jairus immediately follows the exorcism at Garasa. Jairus, Patron of the synagogue asks Jesus to heal his dying daughter. According to Matthew his daughther was already dead, not dying.
With the words TALITHA KOUM (little girl, I say to you, get up) Jesus brings her back to life.

The Child calling the Angel to appear on the Altar.

The Angel is the Angel of XVII which is connected with the Tzaddi, the Unfinished Leave.

So the leave will be there after the initation/ after being reborn as Talitha?

Initial letter of Yod, the Hermit. His staff, as staff of Moses, again a snake...
A staff. The staff with the Y on the table of the Magician.

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