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Which RWS ?

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Which RWS ?

Something I just realised a while ago, even though I have had lots of decks that were RWS based, I have never actually owned a proper traditional RWS. It's a deck that has never appealed to me. So now I want to give one a go. But which one ? I've been looking at them on here, tarot garden, etc but I can't make my mind up. I really can't afford to splurge on lots of different decks ( already got loads I need rid of! ) So I would value your opinions !
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I like the universal, the coulering is vibrant and appealing, I also like the golden, traditional but with a bit of bling
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Miss Divine 

While my first RW version was the Radiant, I tired of it very quickly. What I liked about it was the bright colors, but it was overly laminated and the faces showed no expression. So off it went... Then came the yellow box Original RW, the one with the icky tartan backs. What a horrifying deck!! So off it went, within 3 days of getting it. Then came the Universal Waite, and I really liked it, even though the colors are a bit washed out. Then I found a Blue box original RW printed in Belgium with the floral backs, which initially I didn't prefer over the Universal Waite. But now, a few years later, that version has become my favorite. I have seen the Pamela Coleman commemorative set, but I don't like the colors. So my vote would be... Original Blue box version!
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I like the Pamela Coleman Smith Commemorative. The colors are soft and appealing. The backs are much prettier than most. And they still have her original card titles, instead of the more formal printer's font.
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Of the in-print variety I love the blue box Original Rider Waite:

or the Albano Waite
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The Original was my first deck which I read with for five years. You can pick them up for about 8 on Amazon.

If you have more cash possibly the Pam Col Smith Comm
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There's two printings, one is great, the other is terrible. The boxes have different pics on them. Search for a recent thread using key terms Original, Belgium, China, printing and I think you'll find info. The Original has lovely greeny-gold tones, a limited color palette. I like it a lot.
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Pandora MoonRaven 

I think the original is my favorite right now. The next in line for me would be the universal.
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the most common ones you can find:

yellow box tartan plaid backs - very bright, a little garish - especially the Italian printing, which is high gloss lamination. If you can find a China printing, it's more matte, and a tad less bright.

Original RW - blue box, floral backs - more subdued in color - the new printings are glossy, if you can find an older one, they are more likely to be matte.

Universal - nice, but lots of boring while backgrounds

Radiant - a little TOO radiant, if you ask me

Pamela Coleman Smith Commemorative - gorgeous, superior in every way - color, cardstock, etc.

I have one of each, but if I just wanted to try it out, I'd go for the Original RW- Book Depository (free shipping) has it for around $12. Still, I think everyone should own the Commemorative deck. It's so lush and beautiful, the colors so soothing, satisfyingly weighty in your hand without being heavy...and that soft whispery sound the cards make as they slide across one's like a religious experience just to shuffle it...
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If you want to trim a deck, the radiant and the Pamela Coleman deck both trim very nicely.

Are there playing card sized of the standard yellow box RWS? I had the Pocket Universal, but gave it away. I'm kind of nostalgic of the standard, but it doesn't look easy to trim, and is too big to shuffle comfortably. The borders are quite irregular.

Many books refer to the coloring of the standard deck. Also it is easy to imitate on coloring pages, and coloring helps me learn the cards.
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