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Which deck do you think is the most beautiful?

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Silmaril23  Silmaril23 is offline
Join Date: 09 Dec 2016
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It's hard to comment on decks that I don't personally own, but out of my own (rather small) collection:

1. Mary-El
2. Daniloff
3. Margarete Petersen

All very exceptional in terms of beautiful art, imho.
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Silmaril23  Silmaril23 is offline
Join Date: 09 Dec 2016
Location: Valencia, Spain
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Originally Posted by OnePotato View Post
I suppose the Serghi Udovichenko Ex-Libris Tarot is the most beautiful contemporary tarot deck. (I think it's also one of the most complex and sophisticated programs of tarot imagery ever done. In my opinion, that adds a lot to the "beauty" of it.)


OH WOW....this one is new to me. WOW. Thanks for introducing us!
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reall  reall is offline
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Illuminated Tarot by Carol H! original with iridescent paint and glitters!!m@u@m

Radiant Rider Waite
Golden Universal Tarot
Fairy Tarot Cards by DV!
Gilded Tarot!
Alice Tarot by BabaStudio!)
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earthair  earthair is offline
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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
de la Rea

And Liber T- I would love a large edition so we can properly see the artwork.
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Nemia  Nemia is offline
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Location: End of Nowhere
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So many. Thoth, Daniloff, Trionfi della Luna, Margarethe Petersen, Roots of Asia, Wild Unknown... too many.
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pearlmadgirl  pearlmadgirl is offline
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Location: Poland
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Harty Potter?

Originally Posted by Scarlet Woodland View Post
Harry Potter Tarot

Surprised but relieved to see my three most expensive decks made the list. Hey... I did splurge for a reason
Harry Potter deck?! Is there one? Could you please show me where to find it?

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Scarlet Woodland  Scarlet Woodland is offline
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Scarlet Woodland 

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Originally Posted by pearlmadgirl View Post
Harry Potter deck?! Is there one? Could you please show me where to find it?

I can't link you there as the adult blocker on my phone won't let me on deviantart, but if you put "ellygator harry potter tarot" into google it'll come out on top. If I remember right, you have to email her and request a quote, then she makes one individually for you. It's Baba deck expensive... just to give fair warning You can save a bit by having the uncut sheets sent and cutting it all out yourself but the briefest of glances at the math told me it was well worth paying the extra.
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HearthCricket  HearthCricket is offline
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Baroque Bohemian Cats (Baba)
Alice Tarot (Baba)
Pagan Otherworlds
Golden Tarot
Medieval Enchantment
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Oh, I forgot - also, the Stolen Child tarot...! (how could I forget? I love letting my eyes rest on the drawings!)

I agree with Nemia, though. There are so many beautiful decks out hard to pick just a few!
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EmpyreanKnight  EmpyreanKnight is offline
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For sheer dreaminess, lushly evocative glamor, and the kind of melancholy, fin-de-siecle sensuality that has laid waste to the mightiest of empires, nothing can really beat the Golden Tarot of Klimt.

I truly do not think that all that gold would predispose even the most refined connoiseur's aesthetic sensibilities against it. I must say that the tasteful use of metal in the cards is very much apropos in this case since Klimt himself used gold leaf in his most seminal paintings. It is a magnificent triumph - one of the most visually arresting Tarot decks I ever had the pleasure of working with.
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