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Storing the faeries

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ScorpCap  ScorpCap is offline
Join Date: 31 Mar 2015
Location: Texas, USA
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Unhappy learning to sew

I think I may have to learn to sew a simple drawstring bag...or get someone to do it for me...I saw some bags online but was afraid the "peanut gallery" wouldn't like them when they saw them! Yesterday I was in Wal-Mart and "we" picked out a furry-ish brown fabric (not my bag at all--hey, fabric pun) and a peacock feather. They wanted gold glitter to sprinkle on the inside but I put my foot down on that one, picturing myself picking gold glitter off of myself for months to come. They also want a soft green lining and some felt leaves on the outside. What have I gotten myself into? There's a YouTube channel called seweasyplease if anyone else is in the same boat--they have lined drawstring bag tutorial.

l should explain, I live in a small town with limited offerings...there are no drawstring bags here except some made of cheap fabric in Wal-Mart.
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Marsha  Marsha is offline
Join Date: 19 Feb 2013
Location: Missouri, USA
Posts: 2
Just bought a knit bag

I have two decks that are alittle picking on what they are stored in. I came across a knit bag that I would not even look at but I ended up buying it now which one of the decks that want it I have to wait to see. I have the Tarot of the Sidhe and Faeries Oracle so if they both want the bag I will be buy another one! LOL
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darkbookworm13  darkbookworm13 is offline
Join Date: 16 Jun 2010
Location: ME usa
Posts: 188

After an extended period of time of living in the same crocheted bag together, the Faeries Oracle kicked my Heart of Faerie Oracle out. Now the FO wants a new bag, and the HoF sits forlornly outside the bag but still in the same pocket organizer as the FO.

I have no idea what kind of bag the FO wants, but they didn't want the other deck in that bag anymore, and are insisting that I hand sew them a new, sparkly, decadent bag to live in. Complete with lots of decorations and bling.

*sigh* I knew things were too quiet to be a good thing... O_o
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qwaychou  qwaychou is offline
Join Date: 18 Feb 2016
Location: michigan, USA
Posts: 198

Mine went right to a bag that was lovingly made for me by a dear friend, its royal purple velvet lined with gold lame, and with beads sewn to the front. Its a little big, but they never "shuffle" around, just stay nestled happily
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