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"New Deck Interview" Spread

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I just did this spread with my brand new Wizards Tarot. The reading is posted at:

Thanks for sharing.
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RjOblique  RjOblique is offline
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Love this spread

So I got this new deck, its a native american deck, and all the illustrations are very different so is gonna take time to learn, but I like it a lot. I sat down for an interview reading and had forgotten that I pulled out the wands suit to study them. I did the whole interview without the wands. Come to think of it every card I drew was a major arcana. But when I figured out what I did I decided to redo the reading. The first card I drew, called "Sundance", was the very same card I drew the first time, and in the same position, reversed. I just thought that was so cool I decided not to redo the reading!!! Although I'm not exactly sure how to read this card in the reversed position, the book doesn't give a reversed meaning. I may have to see if anyone can help me in the deck section. (It is the hanged man card). And I got the tower (r) for what it has to teach me. Any ideas what that could mean?
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Glass Owl 

I think that this spread would be great for "interviewing" a new boss, coworker, teammate, coach, etc.
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Thank you, FireRaven, i love it!
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espearite  espearite is offline
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This is a very nice spread, which can be used before the purchase of a deck and in conjunction with similar spreads. Thanks!
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I've just become the proud owner of The Victoria Regina Tarot thanks to a very kind lady who agreed to rehome it to me.
I had to come right over here and find this spread to use with the deck tonight - I cannot wait to get a conversation going!
And I found one of my posts from 2008 when I interviewed the Victorian Romantic Tarot!
Thank you again, FireRaven!
Kindest regards,
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Got the Deviant Moon earlier this week, did the interview just now and loved the spread!
It was a really clear reading. Thanks for sharing this spread with us!
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Tarot kid 

Usually when I get a reversed card I reverse the meaning (example: two of wands, no upside down remose sadness and regret. Upside down happines

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I absolutely love this spread, and am going to go and try this with all of my decks as I'm trying to decide which one to use as my main working deck
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Thanks so much for this spread, FireRaven! I love it! I've interviewed two of my decks so far: the Anna K and the Tarot of the Magical Forest. Lots of fun! I'm looking forward to doing the same as iris-rose and eventually interview ALL my decks!

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