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"New Deck Interview" Spread

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Karen48  Karen48 is offline
Join Date: 14 Dec 2007
Location: California, USA
Posts: 70

Thanks for sharing a great spread FireRaven.

I've just used it on my Victorian Romantic deck and fallen even more in love with it! And I didn't think that could be possible.

Thank you again,

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Willow Huntermoon's Avatar
Willow Huntermoon  Willow Huntermoon is offline
Join Date: 30 Dec 2007
Location: Canada
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Willow Huntermoon 

This worked well, Thank You FireRaven.
I used this on my newest deck the Guilded Tarot. We got to know each other very well.

Great way to open communication with your deck, creating stronger bonds.

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harmony1985's Avatar
harmony1985  harmony1985 is offline
Join Date: 03 Jan 2008
Location: S.Wales, UK
Posts: 300

Thank you for that spread, Ive only had my universal waite deck for around a fortnight now but im learning so im using it all the time and this spread was just what the doctor ordered and it couldnt spell it out any clearer!!
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corrielle  corrielle is offline
Join Date: 01 Nov 2008
Location: CA, USA
Posts: 27

I just used this spread with a new the new Crystal Tarot deck I got today. It's only the second deck I've owned, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect since I've only ever read with one. This was a great spread, and helped me to see how my new deck might have a different purpose, a different feel. (I think from the reading I got that it's going to be a very mind/intellect oriented, logical deck, and I NEED that sometimes.) Thanks for sharing it.
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Astraea Aurora's Avatar
Astraea Aurora  Astraea Aurora is offline
Join Date: 13 Jun 2006
Location: Germany
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Astraea Aurora 

Thanks for bringing this spread back to my attention. I wrote it down in my spread journal several years ago (I guess when FireRaven first posted it or a little later than that) and completely forgot about it. Need to write it down in the back of my journal where all the other good spreads are that I use regularly.

I have used it with several decks and today with Connolly, I got a very enlightening reading that makes absolute sense.

Thanks for posting it FireRaven!

Astraea Aurora
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rwcarter's Avatar
rwcarter  rwcarter is offline
student of tarot
Join Date: 12 Aug 2007
Location: California, USA
Posts: 15,843

This is easily my favorite deck interview spread. I posted the reading I did with the Legacy of the Divine Tarot in the Your Readings forum yesterday.

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rwcarter  rwcarter is offline
student of tarot
Join Date: 12 Aug 2007
Location: California, USA
Posts: 15,843

This reading made me realize that this spread isn't just for "new" decks. One could interview their deck every quarter or so as a check-in. As one uses and gets to know a particular deck, one's relationship with it can change. So using this interview spread as a check-in can be a way of verifying whether reader and deck are still on the same page.

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cSpaceDiva  cSpaceDiva is offline
Join Date: 13 Aug 2001
Location: Across the Universe
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Nice spread

I used this with a couple of new decks, and it really brought out the different "personalities" of the decks. Just a like a real interview, I felt that one of them was embellishing a bit, giving all the right answers. Tell me about yourself/what is your most important characteristic--XXI The World. Uh huh.
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Chiska  Chiska is offline
Embrace your inner squirrel.
Join Date: 27 May 2008
Location: Pacific Northwest USA
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Thank you to FireRaven for sharing this spread!
I moved the reading to the appropriate folder. This was just great, and I wanted to say thanks!

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HoneyBea  HoneyBea is offline
Join Date: 04 Sep 2006
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FireRaven I came across your spread on a blog that I was reading and was so impressed with it. I like you think I will have to interview a few of my decks too! Great job thank you for sharing.
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