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Was Crowley a good tarot reader?

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Originally Posted by similia
Actually the method of reading you are describing is not an invention of Crowley's at all, but is the Golden Dawn system, and can be found in Book T. It is a complicated spread, I don't like it or use it, but it is designed to be able to say "no answer for you, try again" and so dismissing one or all of the operations is a feature of the spread, and is built into it. It has nothing to do with the reader. All this actually has nothing at all to do with Crowley except that he studied the Golden Dawn system of Tarot and reading using tarot.

Given that he is the self proclaimed prophet of a new aeon, and the GD system being based in the old one, it is no insult to Crowley to suggest he changed too much. Though to intimate he made sweeping changes to the GD is false. He made changes based on the GD, after its demise (though perhaps it could be said one of the changes he made, was the demise of the GD )
I looked over the method in the BOT, and I was wondering, what's up with the addition of the cards by the given value attribution? You're told to do this in one of the steps, then it's never refered to again. Did I miss something? What's the addition for?
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Sounds like a good summary!
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I think it probably depended on what sort of mood he was in and what drugs Crowley was on. That he was capable of mind blowing readings I do not doubt, that he might also deliver complete garbage is something that is highly likely. I also got the feeling from the book of Thoth that he considered the Tarot more as a meditative aid rather than as a tool of divination.
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