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Knight of Disks

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Knight of Disks

I'm very confused with the knight of disks, the horse is looking one way and the knight is looking the other way, is this card suggesting someone divided into 2 different path. or perhaps the this knight is stuck. I got this card asking if a whether a situation would get moving or if would remain stuck the same way as before. I would like to know if anyone sees movement in this card.
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I see movement; heavy, sluggish, ponderous and relentlress movement. Slow and steady wins the race - as they say.

The Knight has thrown his helm back. he is taking stock and contemplating the next phase of his journey ... he is resting at this moment - but not for long. It's a long haul, but he'll get there. He is designed for this type of endless relentless plodding. He is carrying a lot of armour, and that slows him down, but he is a knight, after all.
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Also notice that the harvest is ripe and he is the reaper.
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You're going to reap just what you sow

Originally Posted by lampkin
Also notice that the harvest is ripe and he is the reaper.
Yes, indeed.
Whenever I meet the Knight of Disks, I always think about the line in the song Perfect day by Lou Reed: "You're going to reap just what you sow".
Sometimes that can be bit of a mouthful, and you might have to contemplate about it before you are ready to harvest it all.
But you must.

Here there certainly is something to harvest, not like in the 7 of Disks - Failure - where all your efforts is barren, given nothing in return. Except if you are willing to go beyond the indigoblack weil to ask "Why ..." (but that is quite another story).

Knight of Disks is extremely powerful in my opinion. King of the Harvest.

I think this Knight is about acceptance and maturity, accepting getting older, the way your life had turned out, based on the choices you made down the line, the life cycle, and death ultimately (the reaper man), and the rebirth of nature.

In pagan times the king was sacrificed to gain fertility of the soil, or so I've heard.

So to me there is a lot going on here, and he certainly know what to do ...

Just my 20 cents on this guy.

K. Gazel
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