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What Oracle Deck is the Postman Bringing

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Join Date: 05 Apr 2015
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Oracle of Echoes just arrived today. A beautiful deck from what I believe to be a watercolor medium! I've waited two years for the perfect deck of watercolor art!
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The Marvellous Oracle of OZ arrived a couple of days ago. Haven't been able to do much with it, as I broke my wrist on the same day! Hard to open boxes, shuffle, or even look at cards with one hand. I get my cast today, so things should improve!
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Originally Posted by MoonGypsy View Post
Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels.
i purchased it off his website on the 29th of April and haven't heard a peep, yet.
i hope it has been shipped.
Does he ship without sending an email notice?
Still hoping for a shipping notice...
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Alitalia  Alitalia is offline
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Just received a surprise gift from husband.. my first oracle card.. Egyptian Oracle.. actually my husband know nothings about cards.. but when he saw that one.. he just feel the vibes and ordered that for me.. can't wait to open the "Secret" Lol..
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Just ordered a couple of the Little Czech Oracle Decks by Iva Huttnerova from Baba Studio.
Looks like an interesting little oracle deck.
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Gwynydd  Gwynydd is offline
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Location: Australia.
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Whispers of lord Ganesha arrived. The artwork is more beautiful in the flesh! Amazing readings, this is already an important deck to me
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The Lightworker oracle by Alana Fairchild should be delivered by my trusted postman soon.
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Pythia Botanica Oracle
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Galadhwen  Galadhwen is offline
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If things went well, my Oracle of the Mermaids, Wisdom of Avalon, and Earth Magic are coming from Canada! 😀
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Scarlet Woodland 

A deck of antique, 1895 Dondorf Stuart Zeit No.178 playing cards. Like this: but older, without the indeces.

Also a double set of vintage (70s?) Piatnik Rococco mini-patience cards just like this: but scruffier, which I plan to pimp a little. They come in a little, red, vintage case that looks to be leather. Very cute.

Don't think the Dondorfs have their box so will pick up something lovely to make a bag for them tomorrow. Might even end up sewing it at work if today's lack of customers is anything to go by.
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