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Same significators and interesting antiscia

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Same significators and interesting antiscia

I'm posting this chart as it's an interesting case. It answers "Will I get offered this job?" The job is in an alumni organization in our oldest and most prestigious university (in Capricorn, rightly placed). The chart was cast on January 20 at 21:47 in Toronto.

Virgo is rising, Mercury rules both Ascendant and MC. All angles are in 23-24 degrees mutable signs, almost an ideal square and pointing at times of lack of stability and movement. Virgo signifies low jobs and this is such but with great perspectives, fantastic working time and benefits, etc. But yes, entry level. The hour is of Mercury. The Moon is applying to a trine and is on my natal MC, the chart is fit to be read.

With same significators, I give myself the Moon and the job remains Mercury. And from here on it becomes a bit wobbly. Mercury is in the 4th. I am at home and very much thinking of family and how we'll make it but Mercury is the job and the job is not at home. One could hope this signifies it will all end (4th house) with the job but that's a stretch. More so, Moon had a sextile with Mercury seven degrees ago and that is when I had the interview, seven days ago. It went well but I didn't get the job then, therefore this past sextile seems a bit odd. It is not with the ruler of the 3rd to signify an interview, nor with the ruler of the 11th to signify a meeting, etc. They asked for my references afterwards and I am clearly among the strongest candidates but I haven't got an offer yet. The past sextile is odd and it makes me again doubt the reliability of the Moon as me and Mercury as the job. It seems like I had the job and left it behind. Not this one.

If the chart is fit, then Moon's next aspect is a trine with Venus - ruler of 2nd and 9th. I am back to court in 2 weeks and hardly know how will pay for it. If 2nd signifies expenses, spot on. For court. But if it signifies income as it should, then I'm puzzled. Venus is in the 6th. I wish it meant university (9th) job (6th) but I doubt it. Only afterwards the Moon will trine Mars, ruler of the 3rd which I take for offers/contracts. But that's another stretch.

*Minderwiz, does Venus not collect the light of the Moon (a significator now) and pass it on to Mercury? I checked the ephemeris and it's only the Moon who will be faster than mercury in aspecting Venus.

To me the flow of events does sound like it describes the other job situation... either the significators are not working correctly as re-assigned or the chart speaks of the job I passed on but then the chart didn't answer my question...

Moving on, two malefics on angles - Saturn on IC and Mars on Dsc. I can hardly imagine a more gruesome picture. Being in family court, it looks like family relations (4/7 houses) are going to get even worse. I'm concerned about those placements but trying to stick to the job question. Saturn rules the 5th and is on the IC - kid home, that's being positive. Could be something child related I could do at home or arts related. This doesn't answer the question though. It seems the end of the matter is difficult and delayed or there are obstacles, although I usually count 4th from the quesited which would be the Asc and brings us to Mercury again... Mercury naturally signifies contracts but he has no aspects anytime soon and me being the Moon, I have already left him behind. Mars rules the 3rd and goes to the competition, that's clear enough and may be gives the answer.

But then we have antiscia and things got interesting. LOL Mercury's antiscia on Saturn and IC and Saturn's - on Mercury... Again, if Mercury is the job, then it comes to the IC and Saturn. A difficult or delayed ending? Still, Saturn can hardly signify a positive ending.

And on the other end of the chart Pars Fortunae on MC and MC on PF. I've never seen the lot to bring positive result on its own, so this is minor and it seems unsupported. May be a bit of luck, may be not enough.

I guess the main question I haven't answered to myself yet are: do the re-assigned significators work correctly, what does the Moon's past sextile and upcoming trine mean, and should I look at the 3rd or at the 10th ruler when I want to know if I'll get an offer for this job?
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No, I didn't get this job. More so, I had a very unpleasant final conversation after the woman who had been so nice while asking me to come for interviews, basically behaved in an unacceptably rude manner when I finally called to inquire if anything was needed to further process my application (after she had requested references!) .
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